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Find Your Purpose through the Lens of Service with Kristin Armstrong

“The thing you are meant to be/do has everything to do with what you love to do, what you have always loved to do.”
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Kristin Armstrong Embraces the Art of Letting Go as a Parent

“I have to trust her to find her wings, even if in doing so she flies far from home. And as she finds her wings, I remember to spread my own."

Kristin Armstrong Finds Love by Getting Out of Her Own Way

Kristin Armstrong Forges Teamwork with Her Partner in Mille Miglia Race

The columnist participated in the historic Italian car race as navigatore before coming home with lessons learned and gratitude felt

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Kristin Armstrong

The columnist reclaims her summer and experiences a new level of trust as she goes underwater as a scuba diver

Kristin Armstrong on Loss of Friendship and How to Heal

“It takes open hands to let go, and open hands to welcome something new.”

Kristin Armstrong Considers the Accepting Nature of Grandparent Love

“Grandparent love is the culmination of years of experience, knowing what behavior is worth correcting and when to just laugh.”

Kristin Armstrong Shares the Significance of Radiating Love from Within

“Style isn’t about what we put on, it’s about what we radiate out.”
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Kristin Armstrong Finds Beauty in Second Chances

The columnist discusses the movies that speak to us and shares the lesson she learned from her favorite film, “Shawshank Redemption”

Kristin Armstrong on Creating Long-Lasting Joy from the Inside Out

“We made it all the way to 2022, yay us. This is a perfect time to ask yourself what you really want, how you really want to feel?”