Austin Social Hour
April 2017

Photographs by Leonid Furmansky

“Why You’re Here” with 9 Banded Whiskey

March 11, 2017

“Why You’re Here: A Tribute To Austin’s Music History,” an event sponsored by 9 Banded Whiskey, Omnigon, E360, Qcue, Loop & Tie, Majesty Media, Lonestar, Maudie’s and more took place on March 11. The party was held at Arlyn Studios and featured amazing performances by Playing for Change, I-taweh, Marcia Ball and Billy Joe Shaver, demonstrating why Austin is the live music capital of the world.

9 banded whiskey tribeza
Bertrand Sosa & Ashley Thompson
9 banded whiskey tribeza
Stephanie Webb & Ophelia Talley
9 banded tribeza whiskey
Allison Del-Papa & Alexandra Malkin
9 banded tribeza whiskey
Johny Burke & Alexis Dela Cruz
9 banded tribeza whiskey
Joel Rojo, My-Chenie Haley & Gus Rojo
9 banded tribeza whiskey
Jamie Calabrese & Elise Evans

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