Texas From Above: The Photographs of Jay B Sauceda


by Holly Cowart
Art Pick: Texas From Above

Texas is big. Really big. Even if you’ve lived here your entire life, it can be a hard place to define. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, one lone photographer-pilot-cowboy comes along and flips your perspective upside down. Jay B Sauceda, author and founder of the e-commerce company Sauceda Industries, is a nonstop powerhouse of creative energy. Since graduating from the University of Texas in 2007, he has donned many hats — most recently that of aerial photographer with a freshly published body of work and a five-month-long gallery exhibition.

It all started in 2014. After taking to the skies in his single-engine Cessna, he flew above endless miles of winding highways, patchwork fields and Gulf waves, capturing a breathtaking glimpse into the varied landscape of Texas’ full perimeter. While his bird’s-eye view depicts large-scale scenes, their intimate, often poetic nature creates a moment of stillness and reflection. Sauceda holds a deep-rooted love for the Lone Star State, and in each photograph it’s readily apparent.

“Texas From Above” will remain on view at the Bullock Texas State History Museum through June 16. Considering how this series proudly chronicles Texas’ geographical history, the pairing is a perfect fit.


“Texas From Above”

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