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Almost 30: The Beloved Podcast Comes to Town

Almost 30 Podcast

It was so quiet you could hear every pulley and gear move and turn as the elevator made its way upward. Full of people, the silence was even more astonishing. I thought about breaking the ice with an awkward joke, but refrained not knowing my audience.

Halting at the first stop the only two, older men aboard stepped off, but only after looking backward saying, “Are you sure it wasn’t the sixteenth floor?” The elevator doors closed behind them.

Now was my chance… “Unless you’re heading to the Almost 30 Podcast tour,” I said quietly. The elevator ringed with laughter. I knew this was the right crowd for my joke, as all the women in the elevator looked about my age, all carrying yoga mats. The sixteenth floor at WeWork on Congress was the final destination for our group, and host location to the first-ever Almost 30 Podcast event in Austin.

almost 30 podcast austin wework ailin hyde

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are the creators and hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, and have been traveling the country to connect with their listeners for months, making one final stop in Austin before heading home to California. Both women are no longer “almost 30” and same goes for their eclectic crowd of fans. It’s known that all ears are welcome, and anyone interested wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality & self-development belongs in what they call Almost 30 Nation.

It was 6:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and a crowd of women started to pile up outside the WeWork office door. Silhouettes mulled around inside the glass, as they set up stations of free sponsor merch while the Almost 30 fans watched from afar. When the doors swung open, bodies piled in, sweeping up complimentary yoga mats, dinner, drinks, water bottles, hats, bags and more. The merch was impressive, but the real stars of the show were Krista and Lindsey.

almost 30 podcast austin wework ailin hyde

Swag bags full and energy high, the event filtered out onto the outdoor patio as the sun started to set on the Austin skyline. It looked like a picture from a magazine, the sea of women lined up on the grassy terrace, yoga mats neatly arranged.

“You can feel it, the energy. Things are changing. Women are rising…,” Lindsey said as she addressed the crowd to kick off the event. The two women went back and forth telling their story of connecting and starting the podcast — stories of struggle and stories of triumph. Krista had been chasing the dream of becoming a SoulCycle instructor and had done so many things to nail the audition…She was introduced to Lindsey for advice on perfecting the look and her ride, and took voice coaching to sound better on the mic. “I didn’t know at the time that the voice lessons and being introduced to Lindsey was for something else entirely,” she said.

And then there was Almost 30.

almost 30 podcast austin wework ailin hyde

To work some wellness and spirituality into the night, Krista and Lindsey had planned a meditative soundbath, by Austin local Amanda Huras; a real-life angel looking woman who took the group through mediation, using sound and vibrations made from a gong and crystal bowls. Everyone closed their eyes, laid back on their mats and listened to the sounds of the city and singing, crystal bowls. Sometimes the sounds of the city construction would drown out the sound of the bowls completely, and other times the two would intertwine. For those who noticed, there was an odd sort of grounding and peace present on the sixteenth floor of the building, and the sounds of the changing city below almost poetically nodded to the change Lindsey mentioned earlier in her greeting to the fifty or so women in attendance.

I couldn’t help but open an eye to peek when I heard a wind chime-like noise overhead. It sounded like an instrument, but very delicately chimed only when she moved — the soundbath was over. As we opened our eyes dusk had turned to dark and the places we had been in our thoughts disappeared. We were back on top of a building in the middle of Austin, Texas with the rest of Almost 30 Nation.

almost 30 podcast austin wework ailin hyde

In true Austin form, the event was cool, connected and at times a little weird (but only in the best of ways). If you haven’t listened to the Almost 30 Podcast, you should definitely tune in to hear more about Krista, Lindsey and their real, raw, unfiltered journey through life.