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Ao5 Gallery Moves to New Arboretum Location

The former South Lamar gallery upgrades to a larger, sleeker space

At the beginning of the year, Ao5 Gallery moved north. Austin’s favorite contemporary arts space opened its new location to the public on January 14 for shopping and custom framing, but the main excitement lies ahead. A grand re-opening is set to take place mid-February, celebrating both a fresh start and a continuation of a remarkable cultural hub in Austin.

“Ao5 Gallery has been around for over 23 years and has transformed significantly over that time,” owner Camille Easton shares. “We will still have the best selection of contemporary art and quality professional framing services as we have in the past. However, with this current move, and as we have evolved over the years, we feel this space represents our best selves yet!”

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In the new setting of The Arboretum, a trip to Ao5 Gallery is now an even more enriching experience. Along with encountering the breathtaking display in a sleeker, larger space with room for even more art, visitors can also encounter trees, people and eclectic shops right around them.

Plenty of exciting exhibitions and events also lay ahead at the new location. “We have lots in store for our fans and customers,” Easton adds. “One big event on the horizon is another evening with iconic album artist Hugh Syme and the second release of his book, ‘Art of Rush.’ We encourage everyone interested in knowing about our upcoming events to sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media @ao5gallery.”

Visit Ao5 Gallery and contemplate captivating works of art in a stunning new setting.triangle-cutout

Ao5 Gallery

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