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Tribeza’s Eye-Catching Art Issue Debuts November 2021

Discover remarkable artists, performances and galleries in Austin's unmatched art scene

Everyone’s definition of “art” is different. For some, art is anything that evokes a feeling or emotion. Others define art by specific categories — painting, sculpture, literature, dance and music. This month’s art issue pushes these boundaries even further.

In “Aerial View,” three aerial artists show us what it’s like to express their art form through various apparatuses — silk, sling, cube, trapeze, cyr wheel and lyra — at Laché Movement.

“Opening a studio is such an amazing way to create an opportunity for as many people as possible to start their version of healing — improving lives through movement,” says Sonnie Boyson, co-owner of Laché Movement.

Carrie Crowe photographed at Laché
Movement by Phil Kline.

I highly recommend you learn what it feels like to fly, and pop in for a class at Laché Movement, Bat City Circus, Blue Lapis Light or Sky Candy.

Continuing our discussion on art, we’re highlighting four galleries that are anything but traditional. Mesmerize, Big Medium, Wonderspaces and Royal Turkey allow you to explore art through structural exhibits, interactive art, light installations and furniture/décor.

“Our whole mission with Mesmerize is to innovate with storytelling and create multi-sensory experiences that inspire joy and community,” says artist Clayton Lillard.

Mesmerize opened pre-pandemic, and is currently looking for a permanent space. Learn what it’s like to immerse yourself in an art-meets-storytelling environment.

For our more edgy readers, we’re taking you inside ACL’s Jim Marshall rock gallery, where Jim turns icons into humans with casual, compassionate portraiture. Legends of jazz, blues and folk line the walls of this gallery, and one in particular is not afraid to give us the bird.

Johnny Cash photographed at San Quinton, CA © Jim Marshall Photography LLC.

“My favorite photo from the current collection is probably the infamous one of Johnny Cash, flipping the bird at San Quentin Prison,” says Happy Mercado, Director of Brand Partnerships at ACL Live at Moody Theater.

Other singers include Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, John Coltrane and Janis Joplin. Jim aimed to capture the artists in a different way, so you — the viewer — feel like you are part of the photograph itself.

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