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Austin Art Pick: Sarah Ferguson + James Andrew Smith


Wally Workman Gallery
June 4 – July 2

This month, the Wally Workman Gallery will showcase the concept of color and light mastery through the painted works of Sarah Ferguson and James Andrew Smith. The group show will exhibit the geometric forms of artist Sarah Ferguson alongside James Andrew Smith’s vibrant still lifes of flowers. Though their subject matters are on opposite ends of the artistic spectrum, the artists’ emphasis of color application and sources of light allow for the distinct pieces to play off of each other. The natural aesthetic of Smith’s flowers is easy to appreciate, as is the freedom and exploration encouraged in Ferguson’s geometric patterns.

“I strive to match a color seen, and to apply it accurately to my still life. Sarah strives to create a color envisioned and apply it accurately to her design,” noted Smith about the different approaches he and Ferguson have toward the concept of color.

“Much like a wine and food pairing, I feel a shared show can bring out the subtleties in an artist’s work that may be overlooked in a solo show,” said Ferguson.

“Group Show: Sarah Ferguson + James Andrew Smith” opens June 4 and runs until July 2.

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