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Artist Spotlight: Rich Cali

The Vessel and The Void

Rich Cali preacher vessel void austin

Rich Cali preacher vessel void austin Rich Cali’s father, who is an artist, could usually be found at the drafting table working on projects, and it wasn’t long before his son followed suit with projects of his own. “Creating has always been part of my daily practice, from my younger years up though present day — DIY publications, photography, graffiti, and into fine art — it’s always been a constant,” he says. His latest exhibit The Vessel and The Void, which just closed last month at the Preacher Gallery, was made in collaboration with Diana Welch from Mother of God Ceramics and featured striking ink-on-paper paintings of palms and vessels in black and gold as well as ceramics in unexpected shapes. The innovative creative agency, Preacher, has a permanent gallery space in its downtown offices and with curator, Jason Archer, the outfit is hosting art shows that have become wildly popular. All the works from the show are then available on Preacher’s website for purchase. “This body of work explores the conversation between the organic, the free-form, and the meditative in practice, in relation to the intentional, clean, and thought-out elements and practice. I feel a similar relationship in the process and works of Mother of God,” he says. Cali and his wife moved to Austin at the end of 2005 and have found an “an incredible support system” in the city. “If there’s something that you’re passionate and honest about, Austin will get behind you,” he says. “There’s such a heavy influence by other likeminded makers and doers in this city. We all, as a whole, keep the wheels in motion.”

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