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Bob Schneider Closes Out Antone’s Anniversary Bash in Style

Bob Schneider

Antone’s Nightclub, July 28

After bouncing around from Michigan to Munich to El Paso in his childhood, young Bob Schneider probably didn’t seem to be the most likely guy to develop loyalties for any particular place. And yet once he arrived in Austin, he couldn’t seem to get away. The capital city’s music scene has had a hold on him (or perhaps the other way around) since 1999, and between then and now he’s been regularly churning out records, making memories at the local venues, and raking in Austin Music Awards by the dozens. Schneider’s presence is certainly constant, but like that of a good friend, it never gets old. Part of the reason for this could be the fact that across all his work, he’s never been too comfortable doing the same thing twice. Along the way, there has been funk and folk, gritty and clean, heavy and light. Enter Blood and Bones. Schneider’s newest project comes at a time when he’s thinking about some of his other loyalties — to his family, especially. He’s played it all by now, so he’s not afraid to do, as he puts it, “what’s always been done, a million times before now, a million and one. You sing about love.”

Schneider’s on tour right now, and has a hometown gig on July 28 at Antone’s Nightclub. After all these years, it would hardly be a summer in Austin without him.

Antone’s Nightclub

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