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The Women’s March Drives Austinites to the Capitol Steps

Women’s March

Downtown, January 20

In case you missed it, the recent midterm elections were game-changing. The country saw a record number of women running for office, leading to a remarkable tally of firsts among those elected to congressional and gubernatorial positions. At the same moment, the election season was marked by a visible increase in diversity in several respects, sometimes in the least likely of places. To some, the sudden defiance of precedent may not have seemed so surprising at all. Eras, movements and waves have been shifting the earth under Americans for some time now, with people becoming more vocal and more willing to demonstrate, perhaps the most visible example being the Women’s March on Washington.

The two years since the first occurrence of the event, in 2017, have seen changes in conversations everywhere, and with the encouragement of the recent election results, the grassroots campaign plans to fill the streets once more. As in previous years, a network of sister marches will coincide with the central event in D.C., organizing supporters all over the map. In Austin, the peaceful assembly will take place on the 20th of the month and will parade through downtown toward the capitol. It’s a free and all-inclusive event dedicated to speaking out about women’s rights and issues. And if past years are any indication, you can expect that the turnout will be high and that change will be in the air.

Women’s March


1100 Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78701