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Story Bar’s Festival Night



Google Fiber
201 Colorado St
September 13, 7-10PM

Narrative forms the backbone of most human interactions: from your Powerpoint presentation, to your boyfriend’s lame excuse for not calling you back, to the story your parents tell about how they first met. “We have found that no matter the medium, be it performance, literary or visual art, the same inherent goal is being pursued: expression through art using a creative portal to tell a story,” says Erin Hallagan, the co-creator of Story Bar, an arts initiative she founded with Adam Sultan. This year, as a lead up to the opening of their permanent space in 2017, Story Bar is throwing monthly “Story Mixers.” Their September event will feature numerous Austin festivals (including the Texas Book Festival, the Austin Film Festival, Frontera Fest, Fast Forward Austin and Fusebox Festival) presenting readings, films, dance, art installation and a one-act performance.

“With so many festivals that take place in Austin, it’s hard to stay in sync with all the incredible opportunities that are happening on such a regular basis,” says Hallagan. “We’re looking forward to showcasing some of the great events that exist in our own backyard.”

Story Bar’s last mixer, at the Shambhala Meditation Center, included live Butoh dancers and a rousing nyckelharpa performance (a traditional Swedish instrument with a fiddle-like sound), among other narrative-driven delights. We can’t wait to see what Story Bar has in store for us on Sept. 13.

Story Bar

September 13th, 7-10PM

Google Fiber
201 Colorado St
Austin, TX 78701