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Gary James McQueen Mixes Romance, Beauty and the Macabre in his Exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary

A conversation with artist Gary James McQueen about this first US exhibit in Austin


In his first exhibit in the United States, Gary James McQueen presents nineteen new artworks on view at the West Chelsea Contemporary Gallery now through March 24. McQueen, nephew of the late renowned fashion icon, Alexander McQueen, pays homage to the world of fashion while weaving fine art, technology, and dark, gilded beauty in his works. We recently had the chance to chat with Gary James McQueen about his exciting exhibition in Austin. Below we share insights from the artist.

Gary James McQueen Exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas | TRIBEZA

Your work explores both the macabre with the romantic, what does that exploration mean for you?

“Although my work addresses different topics and themes, the relationship between the distinct yet complementary aspects of life – the beauty and the brutal, the macabre and the romantic, life and death – is at the core of my practice. As someone who appreciates the challenges we all have to face and experience throughout our journey, I hope my exhibition provides unexplored perspectives on the inner layers of our existence. Life is not always beautiful, and that’s the beauty of it.”

As an artist who continuously pushes the boundaries of digital innovation, what role do you see technology playing in the future of art and fashion?

“I’ve always been interested in exploring the transformative power of technology, especially when it comes to artistic vision and creative purpose. Technology dominates the world we live in, transforming how we engage with each other, how we communicate, and our perception of what’s around us. Whether we like it or not, technology plays a key role in our present and future, and that includes art and fashion. The way we navigate through the infinite nuances of creativity will continue to change in tandem with technological innovation. It’s inevitable.”

Gary James McQueen Exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas | TRIBEZA

From immersive multimedia experiences to digital sculpting and 3D printing, your work spans a wide range of mediums and techniques. How do you approach experimentation and adaptation within your creative practice?

“Far beyond mediums and techniques, storytelling will always drive the creative process of my artistic practice. The way I approach my work is not linear, and that’s why experimentation and adaptation often overlap rather than exclude each other.”

Your exhibition at West Chelsea Contemporary showcases nineteen new artworks. Can you describe the overarching narrative or themes that connect these pieces?

“My exhibition invites visitors into a macabre yet romantic environment dominated by digitally sculpted skulls, ethereal floral still lifes, and humanoid figures. It investigates the power and role of technology while exploring the relationship between humans and nature. The show also celebrates family heritage, spotlighting my formative relationship with my uncle, Alexander Lee McQueen.”

Gary James McQueen Exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas | TRIBEZA

Have you been to Austin, Texas before? What do you love about Austin and or Texas?

“This is my first time in Austin, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my first solo show here at West Chelsea Contemporary. The city is home to a vibrant art scene and has such a unique cultural offering, fostering creativity in all its forms. When you’re here, you truly experience how art isn’t just a tourist attraction for the city. It is part of Austin’s soul and creative community.” 

Any favorite Austin spots you are excited to visit or return to?

“I look forward to immersing myself in the city and exploring what it has to offer. I will definitely visit the Blanton Museum, which houses one of the most comprehensive collections of art in Central Texas; The Contemporary Austin, with two locations fully dedicated to contemporary art; and the Mexic-Arte Museum, the institution showcasing Mexican, Hispanic, and Latin American art and culture. I also have a couple of parks and restaurants to try on my to-do list!”

Gary James McQueen Exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas | TRIBEZA

To view the Gary James McQueen exhibit, you can visit West Chelsea Contemporary through March 24th at 1009 W 6th Street, #120 in Austin, TX, and learn more at