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Add New Life to Your Space with These Homegrown Artists

Add new life to your space with these homegrown artists

Courtney Leinfelder


A new year often sparks the desire to refresh our minds, bodies and homes. Swapping or adding art to your walls can be just the edit your home needs, minus the sledgehammer. And while the art world can be intimidating Austin is home to a mix of talented and accessible artists offering beautiful work just begging for a home. In one fell swoop you can support these talented artists, impress all your friends and give your home just the refresh it needs.

kate zimmerman turpin, luke turpin, austin, art, photography, home decor, austin artist

Kate Zimmerman Turpin & Luke Turpin

Kate, a fine art and editorial photographer, and her painter husband, Luke, have both been experimenting with mixed media paintings to create abstract, textural pieces. Their canvases, which are are distinguished by neutral and nature-inspired palettes, manage to subtly draw the viewer’s eye. You could snag a piece by Luke or Kate but we’re tempted to grab one of each. You only live once.

claire oswalt, austin, art, austin artists, home decor
Photograph by Wynn Myers

Claire Oswalt

Luck for us, Austin native, collage artist and painter, Claire Oswalt, has made her way back home. Her mixed media pieces are primarily comprised of abstract, collaged watercolor compositions and most definitely leave the viewer wanting more. Oswalt’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in locations ranging from Berlin to Los Angeles to Marfa and can be found most days at her studio housed within the Charles Moore Foundation.

courtney leinfelder, austin, art, austin artist, home decor
Photograph by Abbey Grimes

Courtney Leinfelder

Courtney’s graphic art and designs are reminiscent of the infamous pop art era. With vibrant color palettes and a unique style, her psychedelic patterns and custom illustrations will have you transfixed. Leinfelder’s work can be found on skateboards, concert posters and gallery walls alike. For a bright mural, illustration, or the custom album cover of your dreams, reach out to the artist directly.

emily eisenhart, austin, art, austin artist, home decor
Photograph by Shane Timm

Emily Eisenhart

The talent behind some of your favorite murals in Austin also puts her brush to excellent use for smaller scale paintings. Boasting bold colors, geometric lines, and tribal-inspired patterns, Eisenhart’s vibrant pieces in contrasting palettes provide any room with a special punch. There is a unique energy that emanates from her work – the combination of seemingly arbitrary designs work together to create an inviting and cohesive design, no matter the size or scale.

alyson fox, austin artist, art

Alyson Fox

Designer Alyson Fox has made her mark with fine art, textile, graphic, and product design, but we love her recent ’Shapes’ series: a sophisticated, yet playful addition to any space. Fox’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Domino and Vogue International, and has partnered with major retailers like West Elm and Lululemon. Thanks to the artist and designer’s mixed media repertoire you’ll have the ability to collect multiples of Fox’s work.

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