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New York City Trio Too Many Zooz Remind Us That You Don’t Need a Big Band to Make a Lot of Noise

Too Many Zooz

Antone’s Nightclub, Octoer 19

The bigger the ruckus, the bigger the tip. Or so it has worked out for New York City trio Too Many Zooz. Getting their start as buskers in the subway system, the band’s sound is the product of a couple of horns and a pretty big drum. Playing a dirty mash of dance and funk that they like to call “brass house,” Too Many Zooz exist to remind us that you don’t need a big band to make a heck of a lot of noise. It’s their personalities as much as their music that make them remarkable, with David Parks’ unbreakable focus on his stuck-together drums, Matt Muirhead’s contrasting cool demeanor and brash trumpet sounds, and saxophonist Leo Pellegrino’s hyperactive footwork and constantly evolving hair colors.

Their early underground performances were recorded by strangers, amassing millions of views on their own and giving them an unexpected break. By now, Too Many Zooz is one of New York City’s worst-kept secrets, and they’ve left Union Square to tour behind two studio records. On October 19 they land at Antone’s Nightclub. Even though their music is crafted for the train platform (they’re clearly still sticking to this judging by the title of their more recent album, “Subway Gawdz”), their presence under concert lights is unthinkably funky and electric. When you go, just be sure to tip the guitarist on the sidewalk outside—maybe he’ll be the next to make it big.

Too Many Zooz

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