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The Moth’s Unique Storytelling Takes the Mainstage at Paramount Theatre This December

The Moth Mainstage

Paramount Theatre, December 12

We’ve all had those nights—surrounded by our closest friends, the hours slipping away, pockets of silence easily replaced with long tales, laughter and even tears. These moments of intimacy and connection are the type that stick with us, the ones we wish we could re-create.

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At least that was the idea behind The Moth, founded in 1997 by revered novelist George Dawes Green. Inspired by memories of storytelling with friends in his Georgia hometown, Green was looking for a similar creative outlet after moving to New York City. What started as a small gathering in his living room soon snowballed into large venues and even larger crowds, eventually reaching other countries and featuring well-known figures. To this day, everyone is welcome to participate, be it inmate or astronaut, with more than 500 shows produced every year.

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On December 12, five new narrators will take the Paramount Theatre dais for another installation of The Moth Mainstage. No notes, no judgement—just the passing down of personal experiences through the powerful art of live storytelling. While each show relates to an overarching theme, the stories take unexpected turns as they’re transformed by the unique perspectives of the speakers. Ever wondered what it’s like to leave everything you know on a boat in search of refuge? What about the pulse-racing tasks of the chief of disguise at the CIA? Just learning that position even exists? Well, you’re now officially part of The Moth community, and there’s plenty more where that came from. All you have to do is listen.

The Moth

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