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Tribeza’s March Issue Honors the Musicians and Filmmakers Driving Austin’s Arts Scene

We shine a light on local music makers, iconic venues and the city's ever-expanding film and TV scene

actor adrian grenier

Are you intrigued by the lifestyle of a Hollywood actor that’s deemed the next big star? Do you like hot cars, movie deals and exceptionally good-looking people? Then there’s a good chance you were a huge fan of the HBO series “Entourage.”

From red carpets to grassy fields, “Entourage’s” front man, Adrian Grenier, shows us that he’s not just a movie star — he’s also an environmental advocate. His docuseries, “Earth Speed,” tells us that if we want to heal Earth, we also have to heal ourselves. Cameras follow Adrian as he talks to various environmental figures, some based in Austin.

“When people connect, they care,” Adrian says. “Each episode of ‘Earth Speed’ has practical applications on personal development, self-sufficiency, sovereignty, a nature-based lifestyle and the businesses that are helping to scale those concepts out in the larger society.” For Adrian, the series is “a lifestyle in the cadence of nature.”

woman in front of building
Editor Carrie Crowe in front of downtown music venue Mohawk.

Also featured in our Music + Film issue are some of Austin’s most iconic music venues: Antone’s, The Continental Club, Little Longhorn Saloon, Hole in the Wall, Broken Spoke, Victory Grill, Cactus Cafe, Flamingo Cantina, Saxon Pub, Elephant Room, Emo’s, Stubb’s and Mowhawk. There are more than 250 music venues in Austin, and we’re lucky that these 13 continue to thrive.

No stranger to these venues, are the eight local musicians featured in this month’s Music Makers series: Dayglow, Susannah Joffe, Jonny Jukebox, Sir Woman, Tirras, Torre Blake, BLK ODYSSY and Kevin Galloway. With various genres, these emerging artists are just some of the many talented performers that are paving the way for the future music scene in Austin. If you haven’t already added them to your playlist, you will soon.

Pick up a copy of the Music + Film Issue on stands this March and check back each week for new stories.