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SXSW: Going Local


A Stage For Local Musicians

For some, SXSW means standing in line for hours to score free drinks and a glimpse at Lady Gaga. For local artists, it’s a hectic week filled with opportunities for both serious exposure—and some serious competition.

“South By kind of wakes us up and puts some wind in our sails to be even more creative,” says Mariclaire Gamble, frontwoman of energetic Austin electro rock pop outlet MCG. “It’s like a double-edged sword; you feel small again, but it’s kind of inspiring at the same time.”

As artists fight for stages and spectators, Austinites have the chance to show their favorites some love and to enjoy some outstanding performances in the process, with artists bringing their “A game” to shows big and small.

“I perform the same way regardless of who’s there and how many people,” says Mobley, a local musician with an electrifying stage presence, impressive ability to bounce between instruments, and sound that’s arguably better than anything on the radio. “I see that as my job: Regardless of the mindset you came in with, you leave having had an enjoyable time I’m on stage.”

Along with these two acts, who each have multiple sets lined up during the festival, we suggest you check out their local suggestions, which include Otis the Destroyer, Young Tongue, Migrant Kids, Riders Against the Storm and, unsurprisingly, each other.

“The bands here work so hard and we also support each other,” Gamble says. “It’s kind of awesome we’re in the right city to play music and get heard.”

Find more information about MCG and Mobley and details on where to catch them during SXSW at and Find a list of Official Showcasing Artists from Austin at

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