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Visit Red Light Lit’s Love Themed Art Gallery “WITH LOVE” This February

Visit Red Light Lit’s Love Themed Art Gallery “WITH LOVE” This February

Native Hostel’s Romper Room will host the inclusive celebration of romance

By Meher Qazilbash
Photos by Marshall F Walker

Red Light Lit Austin, a small press and performance series, recently announced its takeover of Native Hostel for the month of February with its “WITH LOVE” gallery. 

Opening Feb. 4, the show will feature more than 60 local artists, performers and vendors, each on a mission to celebrate love in all of its forms. Explore themes of new love, sensual love, lost love and self love in this gallery that has something to offer everyone, regardless of their relationship status.

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Photo by Javi Glz

Loria Mendoza and Leah Bury, co-curators of “WITH LOVE,” put together this month of artistic experiences with the intention of honoring the different stages of love. Romance, heartache and sensual pleasures will all be part of the gallery’s themes, expressed through visual and performance art.

“This whole takeover is pretty much the most complicated love poem I’ve ever written,” shares Mendoza.

Various immersive events to expect throughout the month include poetry readings, open mics, drag shows, comedy shows and burlesque performances. Plenty of interactive artwork will be available for visitors to engage with, including a photo booth decorated with a giant disco heart and video art. For those looking to get a gift for a special someone, vendors will also be present, offering items such as Valentine’s cards and chocolate. All of this romance will take place in a space ornamented by love-centric painting and prints.

Left: “Just My Type” by Jade Tantillo
Right: “Love of Culture” by Abigail Cucco

“WITH LOVE” visitors can expect to confront a memory of their attachment to something or someone and be pushed to tears, laughter or both. Even the most averse to the outpouring of romantic sentiments will find an artistic expression that impacts them.

“It’s amazing seeing people’s hearts open up whether it’s for an animal, a person, a friendship or family,” says Mendoza. “Love is this beautiful connecting theme that really needs to be celebrated.”

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The “WITH LOVE” opening night celebration will take place from 7 p.m. to midnight on Feb. 4, offering a preview of the festivities to come. Enter with an open heart and an open mind to experience the gallery, vendors, array of performances and DJ sets, all in the name of love. Tickets are available now.

The full calendar for “WITH LOVE” will be released on Feb. 1 on the @redlightlit Instagram and Facebook. Visit its social media pages for more information about the literary organization.

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