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West Chelsea Contemporary’s Frame Shop for Austin Art Lovers

Consultants will help design custom frames to protect and amplify your favorite pieces

West Chelsea Contemporary Frame Services

Good art is timeless, and the frame that holds artwork can enhance its beauty and help preserve it for generations to come. West Chelsea Contemporary (WCC) offers premier framing services and consultation for your art and memorabilia. They make it seamless to protect and display your most cherished pieces.

If you purchase art from WCC — whether on canvas, paper, or a print from the print shop — you can go through the framing process to add or change a frame for that specific piece. You can also bring external art or memorabilia, such as family photos, into the frame shop to go through the custom framing process.

Either way, the art consultants work with you to design the perfect frame for your piece. WCC has an incredible selection of frame molding — including shadow boxes, floater frames, standard frames, and metal frames in various finishes. You will also work with your consultant to choose the matte board and glass. Because all materials, including the glass, are museum-quality, your artwork will be preserved for longer.

If all of these options sound overwhelming to you, that’s why your art consultant is there to walk you through every step of the process. They can help you narrow down options based on the piece and its future surroundings. If you already know what you want, they will help you make the selections to bring your vision to life.

“Our consultants are experts at helping you figure out how you want it to fit into your home and the sort of vision you have,” says Rachel Beaudoin, assistant curator at WCC. “There are so many ways we can get creative with clients depending on interests, budget, and style.”

It takes about two weeks to make the custom frame, after which a logistics specialist can come to your home to hang it on the wall, especially helpful if it’s in a high or hard-to-reach spot.

Stop by the WCC Gallery in Austin or the WCC Frame Shop in Dripping Springs for a premium selection and experience that will pay off in more appreciation and preservation of your precious art.

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