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Toast of the Town: TRIBEZA’s 2024 Summer Drinks Guide

Looking for some delicious summer sips around Austin? TRIBEZA’s 2024 Summer Drinks Guide offers you the inside scoop on what to order when you’re out and about at these local hotspots.

The Narangrita (Photo courtesy of Bacalar)
The Narangrita at Bacalar in Austin (Photo courtesy of Bacalar)

Bacalar’s Narangrita

44 East Ave #100

Bacalar is a restaurant inspired by its namesake: Pueblo Magico in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The food of Bacalar emulates the philosophy of la milpa – or the personal relationships between farmers, the crops, and the land – and is inspired by the coastal and interior regions of the Yucatan peninsula from which Chef Gabe’s family originates. If you want an authentic taste of Mexico, there’s only one drink to order: the Narangrita. Crafted with Carabuena tequila, the Narangrita goes beyond the classic margarita’s lime base – it incorporates all the elements of the sour orange, an ingredient native to the Yucatan landscape. This zero-waste cocktail uses the juice, oil, and peel of the fruit, and boasts a complex flavor that unites the sweetness of an orange with the tartness of a lemon. It’s perfect for summer temperatures.

The Espresso Martini (Photo courtesy of Bacalar)
Espresso Martini at Codependent in Austin (Photo courtesy of Codependent)

Codependent’s Espresso Martini

301 West Ave Suite #110

Codependent is a cocktail bar inspired by duality — where day meets night, and dark meets light. This conceptual cocktail and coffee bar is inspired by Italian luxury, aperitivo culture, and the belief that beautiful design should be enjoyed by all. Self-described as a high-end design showroom that meets Austin hospitality, it’s hard to beat a better aesthetic. Enjoy iconic Italian furniture while sipping on some of the best drinks in the city. Nothing sums up this ethos better than today’s “it cocktail” of the Espresso Martini. Leaning on simple, quality ingredients and showcasing fine coffee from North Carolina’s Black & White Coffee Roasters, the rich notes in every sip have landed this cocktail on multiple “Best Espresso Martini in Austin” lists. And, you can enjoy it for just $10 during Codependent’s all-day Happy Hour Martini Mondays.

The Blackberry Gin cocktail (Photo courtesy of Salvation Spirits)
The Speakeasy at Salvation Spirits’ Fritz 75 Cocktail (Photo courtesy of Salvation Spirits)

The Speakeasy at Salvation Spirits’ Fritz 75

10091 US-290 Fredericksburg, TX

The Speakeasy at Salvation Spirits is a specialty cocktail laboratory hidden in plain sight on a 10-acre orchard in Fredericksburg, Texas, surrounded by blackberries, peaches, pears, plums, pecans, and grapes. The Speakeasy’s cocktails are handcrafted by its master mixologists using fruit from the orchard and award-winning spirits created by Salvation Spirits. When visiting The Speakeasy at Salvation Spirits, one drink stands above the rest, especially during scorching hot summer temperatures: the Fritz 75. Made with Fritztown Blackberry Gin, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup, while topped with bubbles of your choice, it’s hard to find a more refreshing drink that fits the bill while enjoying an acre in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Plus, you’ll feel good when visiting. Salvation Spirits is a purpose-driven, environmentally conscious distillery and winery. It’s dedicated to making products of unsurpassed quality out of the finest ingredients, as well as sharing its success with those in need. Salvation Spirits takes inspiration from the archangel Michael, who is viewed as a healer and protector and dedicates 10% of its net profits to charities serving the poor, the powerless, and the hungry. 

The Quatro Negroni at Cocktail Bar Prélude in Austin, Texas
The Quatro Negroni at Prélude (photo credit John Troxell)


707 West 10th St.

Chef Mathew Peters, the first and only American to win the prestigious Bocuse d’Or (2017), brought his culinary expertise to the heart of Austin with the opening of Prélude, an elevated cocktail bar and lounge set in a historic home in West Central Austin on May 2. The concept’s interior reflects a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, with a sleek design that evokes a sense of luxury and elegance. Chef Peters and partners partnered with West Chelsea Contemporary to meticulously curate a selection of world-class artworks adorning the entire space, offering guests a multi-dimensional experience. With all but two pieces available for acquisition, guests can explore and engage with each artwork, accompanied by detailed information on each. 

Prélude offers an upscale, uniquely Austin experience, combining innovative cocktail creations and elevated canapés designed to complement the bar program’s signature cocktails and highlight Chef Peters’ culinary artistry. The first floor of the historic home is segmented into four different rooms, all having their unique vibe and seating. The large back lawn has elegant lounge seating with views of downtown and is shaded with umbrellas, making it an incredible spot for early-evening cocktails and bites. The second floor has private rooms for groups of 6-10, each having their character and story. On the third floor hides a private game room that the partners’ wives curated to be both chic and cozy. Signature cocktails include the Quatro Negroni with Gin, sage, apricot brandy, Campari, and sweet vermouth. The bar will feature a curated selection of spirits, including rare and limited-edition bottles, as well as a rotating menu of seasonal cocktails crafted by an incredible bar team led by Dragan Milivojević.

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The Frida from Azul Tequila in Austin Texas (Photo courtesy of Azul Tequila)
The Frida from Azul Tequila (Photo courtesy of Azul Tequila)

Azul Tequila’s Frida

4211 S Lamar Blvd

Azul Tequila is regularly named as one of Austin’s best restaurants. But, Azul Tequila is not just a restaurant. It is a culinary journey inspired by the Aztec civilization, renowned for its vibrant culture and sophisticated palate. Founded on the principles of authenticity and passion, Azul Tequila emerged from a deep appreciation for the traditional flavors and culinary heritage of Mexico. From breakfast through dinner, one can taste the authenticity and genuine flavors. With its locally sourced ingredients, Azul Tequila is a temple of taste for those seeking a culinary odyssey. Here, one must toast to the Aztec culture with the iconic cocktail the Frida. Made with Herradura Silver, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh beet, jalapeno, and agave, this hand-blended drink is topped with tajin around the rim, dry orange, and extra jalapeno.