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A Guide to Austin Restaurants with Gorgeous Interiors

From chic and contemporary spaces to rustic yet sophisticated havens, Austin’s restaurants offer an eclectic array of atmospheres that elevate dining to an art form. Here are some of the most gorgeous restaurants in Austin whose interiors parallel the excellence found on their plates.

(photo courtesy of Eberly)


615 South Lamar Blvd.

Renowned interior designer Mickie Spencer has crafted a masterpiece across Eberly’s 15,000 square feet, where every corner tells a story. The former print shop’s original concrete structure, with exposed beams in the ceiling, has been artfully preserved, creating a dynamic blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. The greenhouse-inspired study is surely one of the most gorgeous restaurant settings in Austin. The 150-year-old Cedar Tavern bar comes from the historic Cedar Tavern in Greenwich Village. Design elements of brass, hues of blues and greens, and mahogany fixtures tie together each space.

Fonda San Miguel (Paul Bardagjy)

Fonda San Miguel 

2330 W. North Loop

Fonda San Miguel has been a beloved Austin establishment since 1975, representing the intersection of culinary artistry and breathtaking design. The interiors of Fonda San Miguel are a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture and artistry. As you step inside, you are enveloped in a colorful tapestry of museum-quality artwork, exotic plants, intricate tilework, and handcrafted furnishings that evoke the warmth and spirit of traditional Mexican haciendas.

Justine’s (courtesy of Justine’s)


4710 East 5th Street

Justine’s, a charismatic culinary haven in the heart of Austin, invites diners into a world where timeless elegance meets bohemian charm. Renowned for its exquisite French cuisine, Justine’s equally captivates with its enchanting interior design. Step into a Parisian dream as you enter the space with a melange of vintage aesthetics and eclectic furnishings. The sophisticated yet whimsical interior includes velvet drapes, antique chandeliers, and ornate mirrors.

The Peacock (courtesy of Proper Hotel)

The Peacock

600 W. 2nd Street

Within the Austin Proper hotel lies The Peacock — a restaurant where every detail has been meticulously crafted to create an atmosphere of refined opulence. The space is adorned with a curated blend of luxurious textures, from plush velvet seating to gleaming brass accents, creating an environment that exudes warmth and glamour. The color palette — a harmonious play of jewel tones and muted hues — adds a touch of regality to the dining experience. 

1417 French Bistro (Carl Johanesen)

1417 French Bistro

1417 S. 1st Street

1417 French Bistro fuses exquisite cuisine with a welcoming atmosphere. Rustic wooden accents to chic marble tabletops evoke the timeless charm of a traditional French eatery. The aesthetic features clean lines, muted tones, and a perfect balance of industrial and modern elements. Artfully distressed mirrors and vintage-inspired artwork adorn the walls, and the space is bathed in soft, ambient lighting.

Aba (Chase Daniel)


1011 S Congress Avenue

Behind Aba’s stunning interior is Lettuce Entertain You’s internal design team, led by Director of Interior Design Avril Zayas in collaboration with Executive Partner and Divisional President Marc Jacobs. Inspired by summer in the Mediterranean, the result features contemporary furnishings, lush greenery, and abundant natural light that bathes the restaurant in a welcoming glow. Every corner of Aba exudes a sleek charm that complements the vibrant flavors of its cuisine, making one of the most gorgeous restaurants in Austin.

Bulevar (Consumable Content)


9400 Arboretum Blvd.

Bulevar has created a chic hacienda lit by candles, bustling fireplaces, and funky chandeliers — creating a warm atmosphere to savor thoughtful Mexican fare. Leather dining chairs and vibrant Mexican textiles fill the expansive dining room, surrounded by smaller, more private dining spaces. The family at Bulevar invites you into a fire-lit atmosphere with a high-energy bar, tall ceilings, and big glass windows that push you to the patio with great Austin views and sunsets.

Este (Casey Dunn)


2113 Manor Rd.

Este’s interior is a visionary collaboration between architect Matt Garcia, owner Sam Hellman-Mass, and executive chef Fermin Nunez. With insights from research trips to Mexico, the team meticulously curated a coastal-inspired dream housed in a restored 1930s bungalow. Thanks to the open kitchen’s vibrant energy, the 80-seat main dining room ensures a shared experience. Este’s design boasts collaborations with Mexican artisans, including José Noé Suro, whose dramatic tiles adorn the back bar and chef’s counter. The dining room’s deep-set skylight casts a mesmerizing glow throughout the space.

(photo by Holly Cowart)

Honey Moon Spirit Lounge

624 West 34th St.

Renowned for its craft cocktails and globally inspired cuisine, Honey Moon’s interior is also a visual feast, reflecting a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary chic. Red velvet seating and antique artwork exude a warm, classy ambiance. From the plush seating to the carefully curated decor, Honey Moon Spirit Lounge beckons discerning patrons to indulge in exquisite culinary creations and the immersive beauty of its thoughtfully designed interior.

Lutie’s (Auberge Resorts Collection)


4100 Red River St.

Nestled in the Commodore Perry Estate in Hyde Park, Lutie’s is surely one of the most gorgeous restaurants in Austin which exudes the vibe of a 1920s dinner party. The space is full of custom floral patterns, tumbled marble floors, wrought-iron furniture, latticework on the ceiling, scalloped banquettes, velvet bar stools, and Murano chandeliers. Lutie’s elegant interior and incredible menu have given a new life to the Italianate mansion-turned-resort.

Nido at The Loren (photo by Chase Daniel)


1211 W Riverside Dr.

Nido’s interior seamlessly blends earthy tones with contemporary aesthetics for a mid-century modern look. Sitting atop the Loren Hotel, the restaurant features a sleek, backlit bar, intimate dining spaces, leather sofas, and velvet banquettes. Using natural materials and expansive windows creates an airy, light-filled space. The cozy space full of plush seating invites you to linger long after your last bite.