Sam Jacobson

Artists Make Austin Even More Colorful During the Pandemic

Dark times moved some to brighten lives with creativity

By Regine Malibiran
Lead photograph by Chelsa King

Artists and makers have a unique ability to stay in tune with emotions: their own, their loved ones’ or the general sentiment of the world. Contending with the consequences of a global pandemic, art serves as a bridge to connect us. Whether we’re sheltering in place or serving on the front lines, art brings us together through shared playlists, book discussions, movie nights and virtual museum exhibits. With the common goal of infusing more joy into our community, these three Austin makers are using this time to create. Through murals, collages and flowers, they keep us connected when we feel far apart.

Sam Jacobson

Sam Jacobson

Armed with a mask, paints and brushes, Sam Jacobson brightened up downtown Austin with a whimsical new mural. Click image to view gallery.

Zach Horst

Zachary Horst

Making art for fun, Zach Horst spread joy on social media by sharing his vibrant and intricate floral alphabet project. Click image to view gallery.

Paige Booth

Paige Booth

Paige Booth mailed sentimental collage pieces to loved ones to create connection during a time of social separation. Click image to view gallery.

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