The Backyard Buffet


The Backyard Buffet

By MP Mueller
Photographs sourced from St. Edward’s University

For you architecture aficionados: here’s a ready buffet to whet your design appetites … right in your backyard. Stroll St. Edward’s University’s 168 acres and view an impressive collection of buildings designed by local, national and international Pritzker Prize-winning architects. (Basically, Pritzker Prizes are the architecture community’s Nobel Prize.)

This treasure trove was “guided by a master plan, a visionary president, a passionate trustee [Austinite Melba Whatley] and a commitment that we would have ‘no more workaday buildings,’” shared Paige Booth, Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment at St. Ed’s. “The newer architecture is quite modern but pays respect to our landmark historic buildings and unmatched views of Austin.”

While the university is private, as are the grounds, they welcome visitors to wander around and enjoy.

St. Edward's University Tribeza

John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center

  • Built: 2013.
  • School of Natural Sciences
  • Architects: Moore, Ruble, Yudell – Santa Monica, CA

St. Edward's University Tribeza

Doyle Hall

  • Built: 1959. Remodeled: 2009.
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Architect: Specht Harpman – New York City & Austin

St. Edward's University Tribeza

Hunt, LeMans, Johnson Hall

  • Built: 2009.
  • Residential Hall
  • Architect: 2016 Pritzker Prizewinner Alejandro Aravena – Santiago, Chile

St. Edward's University Tribeza

UFCU Alumni Gymnasium

  • Built: 1950. Remodeled: 2014.
  • Architect: Mell Lawrence Architects – Austin (remodel)

St. Edward's University Tribeza

Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel

  • Built: 1950. Remodeled: 2014.
  • Architect: Pollen Architecture – Austin

St. Edward's University Tribeza

Trustee Hall

  • Built: 2002.
  • Bill Munday School of Business
  • Architect: Andersson Wise – Austin

St. Edward's University Tribeza

Main Building

  • Built: 1888.
  • Administrative Offices
  • Architect: Nicholas Clayton – Galveson

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