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Dive into the New Year at Barton Springs Polar Bear Plunge

Celebrate the start of 2024 with a refreshing Austin tradition of plunging into the cool waters of Barton Springs Pool

Polar Bear Plunge Barton Springs

Embrace the spirit of 2024 by taking part in the long-standing Austin tradition of the Polar Bear Plunge at Barton Springs Pool. Presented by the Save Our Springs Alliance, this annual event promises to kick off your year with a revitalizing and memorable experience.

On Monday, January 1st, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., participants can enjoy complimentary coffee and donuts upon arrival, setting the stage for a festive celebration. Commemorative t-shirts, available for purchase, make great keepsakes to remember the occasion and support the nonprofit’s cause towards protecting Edwards Aquifer and Barton Springs. The invigorating waters of Barton Springs, hovering between 68-70 degrees, offer a refreshing start to the day — ideal for both awakening the senses and shaking off any lingering New Year’s Eve hangover.

Photo courtesy of Save Our Springs Alliance

Celebrate community: Barton Springs and Austin’s New Year tradition

More than just a plunge, this community-driven event brings together Austinites, whether seasoned participants or newcomers, in the spirit of celebration. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness the vibrant Austin community coming together to ring in the New Year with laughter and shared experiences. The Polar Plunge not only symbolizes the city’s lively spirit but also supports the preservation of Austin’s beloved springs.

Extend the festivities well into the evening as Barton Springs Pool remains open until 10 p.m., inviting everyone to continue the fun and create lasting memories. Check out the official website for additional details on Barton Springs, including its amenities and operating hours. For more information about the Polar Plunge event and to learn more about Save Our Springs Alliance, click here.

Join in on the tradition that encapsulates the essence of Austin’s communal spirit. The Polar Bear Plunge at Barton Springs Pool promises a unique and invigorating start to the New Year — marking the beginning of 2024 feeling freshly rejuvenated.

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