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Time Insurance Is a Family Matter

The Schuler sisters of Time Insurance Agency provide a bespoke, boutique experience for the Austin community

Time Insurance Agency Austin
It's a family affair for Time Insurance Agency

In April 2017, the Schuler sisters were working in different industries and cities around the world, when Lauren, the eldest, started talking with her father about their family business. As they spoke, she realized that her previous seven years in sales could be the solution to her father’s goal of expanding the company, an independent insurance agency. Suddenly working with family, something she had never truly considered, sounded like a challenge she was looking for.

This prompted Lauren, who’d been in New York City for half a decade, to finally make the move back home.

“I was getting burnt out from the city and wanted to be closer to my family in Austin,” Lauren explains. After speaking with her father, the President of Time Insurance Agency, she thought, “If I was going to make a move, maybe this was serendipitous timing.”

So, by the end of the year, Lauren had packed up her West Village apartment and headed back to Austin. Shortly after, her youngest sister, Michelle, who had previously worked in finance, also moved back to assist in the modernization of their family business.

The Schuler family of Time Insurance Agency

Quickly, Lauren and Michelle both received their licenses and started to learn the ins-and-outs of personal and commercial insurance. During this time, they saw a younger generation of their peers needing different services and wanting a more modern approach to a traditionally complex service. Soon after, the middle sister, Jennifer, moved back from Paris where she had been working in tech and marketing. With her on board, they rebuilt their web presence and added user-friendly digital payment and communication channels, expanded their reach and updated the marketing and brand identity of the 62-year-old business.

Together, this third generation of Schulers took the reins and redefined insurance agenting with modern tools that created a premium on transparency and convenience while maintaining their grandfather’s dedication to client service.

“Our business is relationship-based and we take that to heart,” says Lauren. “We work with people one-on-one so we get to learn about their lives and needs but also their family, their businesses and watch them grow and succeed year after year.” The sister-led modernization of the longtime family-run Time Insurance Agency was just what the company needed to jump into the next phase of their business.

Now, the Schuler sisters have taken over for John and run Time Insurance Agency full-time, and business has grown significantly.

Time Insurance Agency Austin
Local agents with 62 years of experience in Austin; Time Insurance Agency

The sisters say they owe much of this success to being locally owned and operated. “As local agents with 62 years of experience in Austin, we’ve seen the city and the needs of our fellow Texans change,” says Michelle. Staying local gives them the unique insight they need to accommodate the variety of different neighborhoods of Austin. The burgeoning east side’s eclectic mix of contemporary builds and townhomes requires different types and amounts of coverage versus that of the historic architecture and elegant estates of Old Enfield.

Time Insurance Agency today is a full-service agency carrying personal insurance like home, flood, ranch, auto, renters, health and umbrella as well as commercial insurance including general liability, property, workers’ compensation and cyber. They also have a dedicated Bond Department that provides surety bonds to suit all their clients could possible need — from construction projects to liquor sales.

The Schuler sisters of Time Insurance Agency provide a bespoke, boutique experience at no additional cost while saving you the time and hassle of researching policies to find the best rates. “Your insurance shouldn’t be complicated,” Jennifer says. “We make it simple.”