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Best Tribeza Stories of 2020

Look back at our coverage of Austin Under 40, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment

Whether you like it or not, 2020 was a year to remember. It was a year full of social change, a global pandemic, an intense presidential election and moments of hope for a better tomorrow. As the landmark year comes to a close, we are reflecting on our top ten must-read stories from 2020.

Support Black Lives Matter In Austin

Photograph by Hayli Rudolph

This summer, thousands of Austinites took to the streets downtown to protest racial injustice and support Black Lives Matter. The movement has forever changed America’s view on race, and our team compiled a list of resources to help our community bring about real change.

Austin Under 40 Names Austinite Of The Year

2020 Austin Under 40 Awards Co-Chairs Patrick Sims, Lauren Kaufman and Derek Steffen.

For more than two decades, the Young Women’s Alliance and Young Men’s Business League have partnered annually to host the Austin Under 40 Awards. With over 1,300 nominations this year, Tribeza announced the 16 winners in September.

Austin Celebrates The 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right To Vote

In August, women leaders celebrated the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and discussed how, 100 years later, there’s still work to do. “Change takes time,” said Former Texas State Senator and 2014 Texas Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis. “Today we don’t think twice about women voting, but it was 72 years of struggle to achieve that right. The suffragists showed us how women can create, and succeed, with a social movement.”

Doc’s Drive-In Movie Theatre In Buda Hosts Wedding For Austin Couple

Photograph by Greg Fulks

Austin-based couple Bri and Lindsey Leaverton broadcasted their intimate ceremony on the big screen at Doc’s Drive-In Theatre in Buda, Texas, after the coronavirus pandemic changed their wedding plans. “Even in the midst of something so tragic and so difficult, I would not change one thing because it was the most beautiful, unforgettable night of my entire life, aside from when my twins were born,” Lindsey said.

Where To Buy Face Masks In Austin

Austin shops, designers and other local businesses turned to producing and selling face masks when the community needed them. These non-medical grade masks helped keep our neighbors safe and directly supported local businesses like Slow North, Hearth & Soul, Kendra Scott, Miranda Bennett Studio, Estilo and more.

Travel To Ojai And Discover California’s Natural Shangri-La

Photograph by Sara Toufali

For our February Wellness Issue, Kindred Spirits columnist Laurel Miller wrote all about the food, the farms and the incredible beauty of this sleepy California town.

Sex Cymbals: 6 Austin Drummers Breaking The Gender Barrier

Photograph by Jackie Lee Young

We introduced the powerful women smashing the notion that drumming is a man’s game. For our March Music + Film Issue, we brought local drummers Karen Biller, Karrie Sheehan, Lindsay Beaver, Lisa Pankratz, Masumi Jones and Nina Singh to Arlyn Studios to chat about their experience in the Austin music scene.

Austin’s Best Takeout For Those Who Are Tired Of Cooking

Photograph by Holly Cowart

After months in quarantine, Tribeza’s food critic Karen O. Spezia uncovered lots of tasty ways to explore Austin’s culinary scene from the safety and comfort of home. From virtual culinary classes to curbside takeout, Spezia explored how the Austin food scene has adapted and pivoted during the pandemic.

Best Places To Taste And Buy Fredericksburg Peaches

Photograph by Hannah J. Phillips

Managing Editor Hannah J. Phillips rounded up a few of her favorite spots in Fredericksburg to find everything from peach ice cream, peach salsa, peach preserves – and, of course, boxes of famous Fredericksburg peaches.

Kristin Armstrong On How A Pandemic Turns Our World “Upside Right”

Illustration by Whitney Avra

In our Summer Issue, columnist Kristin Armstrong explored the impact of the pandemic and the notion of a new normal. “As varied as everyone’s experience has been, so is the definition of a new normal,” Armstrong wrote. “What’s next, on the other side of this? To me, back to normal is a flawed statement, because we can’t go back to anything, ever. We can only be here now, and then go forward, carrying what we have learned.”