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Thanks to Chekmark Eats for a Month of Delicious Discoveries

Checkmark Eats

July Instagram Takeover

Alex Reichek from Chekmark Eats took over our Instagram throughout July and we loved every minute of her culinary discoveries! With detailed reviews of the best eats in town, our mouths have been watering all month over these Austin must-tries. From cookies to BBQ, Reichek highlighted all the tasty goodness of some of the best places around Austin with an informative and enticing rundown of each spot.

Starting off the month with nothing short of a perfect meal to describe your average Austonian, Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ was first on the list. A small trailer off windy backroads, it may not look like much but Reichek confirmed otherwise. With countless menu options and bountiful portions, this place will give you the juicy and flavorful meat of your dreams in the form of a taco.

chekmark eats tribeza austin

Next up, we journeyed from South Texas barbecue tacos to the tangy seafood of the West Coast (really just a drive up Mopac) and found our mouths watering over Reichek’s photos from Poké House. Essentially a bowl of customizable sushi, Poké is a standard Hawaiian dish that has, praise be, made its way to Austin. Her favorite part are the mix-ins – loads of options, many complementary, to personalize your bowl.

chekmark eats austin tribeza

June’s All Day is a new Austin classic and Reichek introduced us to their Sunday evening Indian Pub Nights. Starting with appetizers from the regular menu and a main course of Chicken Tikka Masala, we were diving in, scraping the last bites from the serving bowls with no shame. And don’t forget the wine list. June’s hand-drawn Wine Zine changes monthly, featuring different themes and regions.

chekmark eats austin junes tribeza

Having first tasted goods from The Hightower back at the Hot Luck Festival in May, Reichek was excited to try out a full meal from the restaurant. Nostalgia kicked in when she ordered the corn beef short rib, a traditional New York deli meat that transported her straight back to authentic and savory delis. The unique vegetable dishes also grabbed Reichek’s attention. With roasted brussel sprouts coated in peanut butter, golden raisins, sambal and lemon, you get a little spicy, a little sweet, and a lot of delectable flavors. The Hightower has a laid back atmosphere according to Reichek, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing, no fuss meal.

chekmark eats austin tribeza

Last but certainly not least, what’s a list of popular eats without including some great sweets? Reichek, a committed lover of cookies and ice cream, makes a good point in her search for the best cookies in town: it’s much harder to find an agreeable cookie than it is to find an agreeable source of ice cream. Thanks to her hard work, we don’t have to blindly bite into a disappointingly caky or tasteless cookie ever again! We can simply head straight over to the Chekmark-approved list of goodies.

If you followed Reichek’s discoveries this month and tried her recommendations like we did, you can testify that her list guaranteed a successful meal or dessert. Our Austin list of eats couldn’t feel more complete and our stomachs couldn’t be happier!

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