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Elsa Collins and Leading Mompreneurs Make Waves at First-Ever Current Conference

Current Conference

The Current Tribe Vibes

Never underestimate a mom on a mission. Elsa Collins, a dynamic mother of three, creates waves for human rights through her company The Ideateur, and is helping others do the same. The Ideateur is a social impact company fluent in the entertainment, athletic and social activism spheres. Through The Ideateur, Collins hopes to elevate the voices of grassroots causes. The ultimate goal: to help causes move from a whisper to a roar, increasing public awareness. It’s a win-win for the public figure, as well as the movement.

Elsa Collins of The Ideateur will be speaking as part of the upcoming Current Conference, “a one-day event for mothers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creative side-hustlers.”

What Collins wants for the clients she serves is something she discovered for herself – “her authentic why,” – aka what motivates her to get up every day and work hard for the clients and work she supports. “When you find your authentic why, you’ll always show up. It’s in authenticity that you find the motivation to keep going,” explains Collins.

Collins’ “why” came after the 2016 election when she pressed herself, “Am I working at maximum efficiency in this space? Am I using all the tools I have to make the world better? Creating The Ideateur was my answer.”

Born in San Diego, but raised in Tijuana until the age of 16, Collins attended schools in the United States and Mexico. Her unique pedigree – degrees from Stanford and a JD from Columbia, plus her marriage to a former professional athlete and bicultural upbringing – create a dynamic centrifuge of experience and perspective.

Along with her sister, Yolanda Walther-Meade, and Zoe Winkler, Collins leads a social movement campaign, “This is About Humanity” to educate others about the border and advocate for separated and reunited families.

Collins will bring her razor sharp mind and eloquent voice to the first ever Current Conference, presented by Dell Small Business and held locally at The Sunset Room on September 13. The conference was founded by sisters Sara Hussey and Cristina Bocanegra. Between the two women, they run five businesses and mother three children. These entrepreneurs are chieftesses of a mom tribe hell bent on lifting other women up – in motherhood, philanthropy, community and entrepreneurship.

Sisters and entrepreneurs Sara Hussey and Cristina Bocanegra founded Current, which will be held at The Sunset Room, as a way to fill an information and support void for the working mother. Photograph by Paige Newton.

Collins sits on a panel of speakers packed with heroine worthy business leaders such as moderator Grace Bastidas (Editor in chief of Parents Latina), Chelsea Maclin (vice president of global marketing at Bumble), Jasmine Robinson (founder of Collegiate Mom), Sheena Wilde (director of philanthropy at Kendra Scott) and Brandy Pham (founder of Planoly).

Collins captures the duality of the mom boss shuffle, “Entrepreneurship is a juggling act: the business development, networking, doing the actual work, so many different things to manage. But one thing I know for sure – being a mother and knowing how to juggle the needs and schedule of three kids was the best preparation.”

Motherhood gives life to dreams in ways you could never anticipate, but it also creates many challenges as they relate to career. This is why finding your community in motherhood and entrepreneurship is so important. The Current Conference is about much more than networking – it is about finding your people.