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Festival-Goers at Luck Reunion Share Their Good Fortune

Luck Reunion

Happy Go Lucky

Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, now in its eighth year, is one of those tickets that everyone wants to score. Set within Nelson’s private property and a short (40 minutes, give or take) drive from Austin, the all-day festival draws stellar musicians and chill guests (attendance is capped at 2,000 and drinks are included with the $70 ticket price). This year Shakey Graves (shown above), Mavis Staples, Nathaniel Rateliff and, of course, Nelson and his son Lukas along with many others, performed intimate sets on the World Headquarters, Sources, Revival and Chapel Stages. We felt pretty damn lucky to be there and couldn’t help asking others about their own good fortune.

J’wan Boudreaux

Why: “Performing with The Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indians.”
Luckiest Moment: “This. The opportunity to be a part of this.” 

Jim Sclavunos

Why: “Playing with Nicole Atkins on Luck’s Chapel stage.”
Luckiest Moment: “Meeting my buddy Nicole and starting a band together.” 

Ellen O’Meara

Why: “Catching some live music. Really excited about Low Cut Connie and Mavis Staples, no big deal.”
Luckiest Moment: “When I found this turquoise cuff on the ground. I was walking down Fifth Street during South By and kicked it. I thought it was a beer can at first. It’s been my lucky cuff ever since.”

Paige Mycoskie

Why: “Hanging out at the festival – we did some of the official merchandise– tie dye and funky and lots of rainbows.”
Luckiest Moment: “Meeting this girl right here .” 

Wyatt Bertz, Ashley Bergeron Ford
& Elijah Ford

Why: Ford and Bertz were on hand to play with Lola Kirke
Luckiest Moment: Ford – “I just got this hat from a guy named Orlando who was working backstage – it’s from Worth and Worth.” 

Mark Penny

Why: It’s my first Luck. I want to see Hayes Carll for sure.”
Luckiest Moment: “Winning the horseshoe tournament at the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers reunion in 1995.”

Natalie Russell & Blake Whitmire

Why: “Big Willie fans. This is our fourth year here.”
Luckiest Moment: Russell – “I won a trip to Hawaii and I’ll go in May!” Whitmire – “I’m a fiddle player and one time I played at this nursing home in Lubbock and one of the men there, ended up giving me $20,000. His uncle was a violinist and he wanted to do that to help me with music school.”

Thanks Willie, see you next year!