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Five creatives swing open the doors of their homes to share the quiet nooks where they find the most inspiration.

Heather Winn

“The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it’s a brief escape from everything. It’s where I go when I need to clear my head. The rest of the house can seem rather chaotic at times with a toddler running around and my often messy studio being connected to my daughter’s playroom. When we remodeled the bathroom, I wanted to make it light, airy and minimal. The room has lots of windows and is surrounded by trees, so when I take a bath it feels like I’m in a treehouse. I listen to music or read and afterwards I’m totally refreshed.”

Heather Winn Bowman, Heather Winn Bowman Textiles, in the master bathroom of her mixed-era home in West Austin.

David Wilson Tribeza

“The den is the heart of my home. The original pine paneling offers a sense of warmth and coziness. I enjoy being surrounded by family keepsakes and organic objects, many of which I find on my job sites.”

David Wilson, Landscape Designer, of David Wilson Garden Designs in his 1952 home in Rosedale

Claire Oswalt Tribeza

“No rules apply in the studio, unlike the other spaces in the house. Its clean lines and modern architecture leaves a lot of space for creativity, leaving only my instinct in charge.”

Claire Oswalt, artist, in her 1955 mid-century home that was designed by architects Maurer & Lindgren.

Styled by Sara Oswalt

Wendi Martin Tribeza

“We remodeled our kitchen about four years ago, and it transformed my small house by opening up the space and making it part of the whole living area. I enjoy that there are exposed shelves and also storage for those items you don’t want to see. I also like the white, the lighter wood, and light through the windows. All those elements make me want to be in the space.”

Wendi Koletar Martin, owner of Kickpleat, in the kitchen of her South Austin cottage.

Scott Ballew Tribeza

“In spite of my girlfriend’s (interior designer Claire Zinnecker) better judgement, my Cool Hand Luke poster is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. That film inspires me daily and has probably informed my life trajectory more than I even realize. I keep all my old records and books at arm’s reach in this room as well. Each serves as a constant source of inspiration when the beast rises and life gets complicated.”

Scott Ballew, head of content for YETI, in the front room of his 1925 craftsman bungalow in South Austin.

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