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Lauren Block Pops Up with Her Just-For-Kids Collection, Hey Gang

New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

Parenting comes with an unending list of joys and challenges: whether it’s holding the hand of your kindergartener as they walk towards their first day of school or navigating the mysteries of convincing your child to eat the damn carrot, the list goes on and on. Somewhere along the line your mostly malleable baby transforms into a vocal kiddo with all kinds of opinions on how they want to walk out your door and face the day. Cue meltdowns over the most-recently-begged-for Disney logo emblazoned T-shirt or dress. I love Paw Patrol as much as the next, but I don’t necessarily want my daughter adorned in head-to-toe Marshall or Everest.

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atxThanks to her cheery, functional and kid-approved clothing brand, Hey Gang, Lauren Block has come up with a plan to help solve your clothing meltdown-related issues. (Unfortunately, she can’t help you with the carrot.) The idea for her mostly unisex and meant for layering collection came about after she and her music producer husband, Josh Block, had their first child, Birdie. After taking a step back from her past work as owner of Eastside boutique Bows + Arrows and retail distributor for Shinola, Block got excited about creating a collection that encouraged kids to be adventurous. All of her beautifully designed pieces are meant to take a beating and keep going. Three cheers!

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atx
Jen Pinkston, who along with, Cristina Facundo, Lauren Smith Ford, Ann Tucker and Consuelo Spitler, helped host the pop-up.

The newly-launched brand recently had a pop-up at Madewell Commons on South Congress. We caught up with the stylish crowd that spanned all ages as they noshed on pretzels, admired Fort Lonesome’s colorful chain stitching and gave their best coverall pose in between paper doll crafting.

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atx
Fort Lonesome was on hand chain stitching guest’s finds.

Who gets to decide what you wear each day?

Greta: Me!
Parker: I looooooove picking out my clothes. Mostly I wish I could wear different clothes all day.
Cora: I decide each morning or sometimes the night before, but my mom always helps me out with finishing touches.
Owen: Me.
Townes: Ummm, Mom.

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atx
Cora, age 6, and Owen, age 8, holding Hollis.

What’s fun about getting dressed?

Greta: I get to put on a dress.
Parker: I like when me and Ever are matching girls. I don’t like when things are too tight. Remember those new socks? I like that they are cats but they are too hard to put on all by myself. Ugh. I do not like those new socks. But also I do like that they are cats. Cats are so cute.
Cora: I love to pick out my own outfits and show my creativity, and I love mixing and matching. And what’s annoying? When what I want to wear is dirty.
Owen: I get to pick out my own clothes. But, sometimes the clothes I’m gonna wear aren’t washed.

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atx
Greta, age 4, and Townes, age 6.

Favorite color?

Greta: Rainbow
Cora: PINK!
Owen: Purple
Townes: All the colors in the rainbow.

lauren block, hey gang, austin, childrens clothing, style, atx
A tiny guest working on her crafts and Parker, age 4.

Find Hey Gang at the Love Child Holiday Mini Market this Sunday, November 4 at the South Congress Hotel.