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Nest and TreeHouse Team Up to Bring Connected Homes to Austin

Smart Homes Made Easy

Almost everything is connected to the Internet. Our phones, computers, and watches are obviously online. But did you know bike locks and gas grills are, too? Toasters, doorbells, garden hoses, and baby monitors have also joined the ranks of “smart” appliances.

On the one hand, the raft of connected products hitting the market is a signal of people’s growing appetite for smart devices. On the other hand, the deluge only serves to muddy the waters for people who simply want to save money on their electricity bills and live a more comfortable life.

treehouse nest austin smart home

Powered by Nest, Installed by TreeHouse

That’s why Nest has become such a beacon of clarity in the smart home market. Nest’s learning thermostats, intelligent home security systems, and smoke alarms that speak have earned a name for themselves over the years for their simple design and ease of use. It’s a big reason why Nest is considered the go-to brand for folks who want their homes to be safe and perform well.

If there’s any drawback to Nest products, it may be in figuring out which collection of devices you need and then having them properly installed. That’s where TreeHouse comes in. With deep expertise in the healthy and smart home market, the home upgrade company employs teams of home improvement experts who install everything from roofs and windows to Tesla walls and solar panels. TreeHouse is now teaming up with Nest to configure and install same-day smart homes for customers in Austin, as well as offer exclusive rebates.

treehouse nest austin smart home

How It Works

Step 1: To get started, visit a TreeHouse store or go online to fill out the company’s recommendation engine and configure your smart house. The software can take the square footage of a home and suggest a suite of smart Nest products. You can stick with that recommendation, or you can customize by adding or removing various products.

A typical 3-bedroom 2,000 square foot home might need a Nest learning thermostat, a Nest home security system, and 5 smart smoke alarms. Most homeowners also invest in a Google Home voice-activated assistant that can act as a command central for the whole house.

Once you’re finished configuring, you can see the pricing for the products and the install cost. TreeHouse currently has exclusive rebates that give customers significant price breaks. (Spend $1,000 and get 10 percent off, spend $2,500 and get 15 percent off, and spend $5,000 and get a full 20 percent off products and install services.)

Step 2: The next step is to put down a fully refundable deposit and then schedule a time for one of TreeHouse’s friendly smart home consultants to come to your house. These dedicated professionals are trained Nest product experts, and they’re ready to get to work at a time that’s convenient for you.

Step 3: The final step is to get your smart home devices installed. TreeHouse consultants will arrive and survey your home to confirm that your initial configuration is a good fit. They’ll then install the products. Once installation is complete, they’ll spend time helping you to set up and configure your phones and tablets to manage your new smart home. The entire installation and set up process can happen in a single afternoon. And, the beauty of the Nest app is that you can manage your home’s systems from anywhere: arm and disarm your security, program your air conditioner, and even keep an eye on the family dog. If your alarm goes off, you get a security alert. Should the smoke alarm notice even a hint of vapor, your phone will let you know.

treehouse nest austin smart home

Smart homes are thoughtful homes that connect you to performance, safety, and comfort, all of which can be managed from your phone no matter where in the world you are. With Nest’s world-class products and TreeHouse’s expert installation, wealth of knowledge and exclusive rebates, it’s never been simpler and more affordable to get connected and get smart.

To get started, visit or call 512-861-0712.