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Kettle & Brine: Food Enthusiast’s Heaven

Kettle & Brine- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

Kettle & Brine- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

Austin Style Pick

Kettle & Brine

By Sallie Lewis

Photography by Chelsea Laine Francis

Kettle & Brine- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

A trip to Kettle & Brine in Austin’s West End neighborhood is a feast for the senses. In the store’s center, a bold brass counter piece shines amidst white walls, raw pecan wood and steel shelving. Design choices such as these were strategic for Tarica Navarro, the proprietor of Kettle & Brine, whose clean, natural aesthetic is evident throughout the space. “It was important to create a neutral backdrop to allow the products to shine,” she says.

A quick perusal of the shop reveals Kettle & Brine to be more than your average kitchen supply store. Rather, it is a place that connects people with food and celebrates worldly craft. From family-made Spanish knives to Japanese serving pieces, Mauviel copper cookware, and locally cast porcelain, Kettle & Brine’s curated product selection celebrates the best of handcrafted work.

Growing up in Thailand, Navarro’s passion for food developed from an early age. Today, Navarro says Kettle & Brine is an extension of that passion and a way to create a dialogue. The store was started to bring together products that were not only visually beautiful, but designed with intention. “When a product is both visually inspiring and a joy to use because of its intentional design, we place more value in it,” says Navarro adding, “It’s as simple as getting excited to use my wooden spatula or cutting board so I cook more meals at home, spend more time with family around the table, nurturing relationships around a joint meal experience.”

Kettle & Brine- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

Kettle & Brine- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

The shop’s identity, which is evident throughout the finishes and fingerprints left by worldly artisans, is perhaps best encapsulated by its name. “The kettle represents the utilitarian accessories, while the brine stands for the extra little efforts that go a long way in making a great meal,” says Navarro. “In the end, it represents the special things that make the ordinary better, and everyday more enjoyable.”

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