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Weathered Coalition: Telling American Stories With Style

Weathered Coalition
Woods and Guinn have thoughtfully curated a space that evokes weathered American panache.

Spotlight: Weathered Coalition

Weathered Coalition

Rock Rose’s Latest Newcomer Tells American Stories With Style

by Sallie Lewis
Photographs by Travis Hallmark

Ben Woods and Tyler Guinn of Weathered Coalition are perhaps Austin’s savviest sartorial storytellers: The entrepreneurial duo is rewriting the menswear shopping experience. Eschewing fast fashion, they have filled their showroom in the Domain’s new Rock Rose development with timeless American brands, each with a tale suitable for retelling.

“There’s something unique about wearing a product that has a story,” said Woods. “We know our makers well and can offer an in-depth narrative for every product here,” said Guinn. “This narrative can be extended and become a part of our customers’ own stories.”

Weathered Coalition

All the brands at Weathered Coalition are unique and functional, stylish and most importantly — long-lasting. From Bradley Mountain’s handmade canvas backpacks and duffles to J. Stark’s Charleston-made leather goods, the store’s products are designed to weather over the years and become a part of people’s life adventures.

Here, crafting an enjoyable shopping experience is as important as education. Shoppers enjoy oversized dressing rooms, ample seating areas and a sink for testing out grooming products. Thirsty for more? Step over to their coffee and whiskey bar. Sips while shopping are complimentary. “For us, the whiskey/coffee component is yet another opportunity to tell the story of a maker,” noted Guinn.


Weathered Coalition is a retail experience that fosters community, supports American handicrafts and kick starts conversations. “The best things in life are multi-generational and continue to tell our stories long after we are gone,” said Guinn. It’s shopping at its best—with a tale in your back pocket.


Weathered Coalition

Monday By Appointment Only
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 12 – 5pm

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11601 Rock Rose Ave
Suite 114
Austin, TX 78758
(615) 812-2199
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