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Wendow Fine Living Is All About Timelessness And Tradition

Wendow Fine Living – TRIBEZA

It’s all about timelessness and tradition-with-a-twist at this Central Austin boutique

“Texas meets California.”

That’s how Wendow owner Shannon Dowell describes her shop’s aesthetic. At first, I had a hard time culling up the right image in my mind, but as soon as I walked in the door I saw it: The earthy tones, pops of metallic here and there, and mid-century vintage classics all spoke to California’s laid-back charm. Teaming that up with Texas’ penchant for rustic antlers, reclaimed pieces, and traditional shapes pulled Dowell’s vision into sharp focus.

Wendow Fine Living - TRIBEZA

On any given day at Wendow you might find a classic Herman Miller chair pulled up to an antique farm table, a perfect pair of custom-made reclaimed glass lamps, and maybe a few geodes or a piece of art. Other Wendow staples include easy jewelry, loads of gorgeous throws and pillows, gifts, and surprisingly, the comfiest PJs you’ll ever slip into.

Wendow, a central Austin mainstay since 2007, came to fruition when Dowell noticed a void in the market for quality home goods. While decorating and doing interior design work in Austin after moving to Texas from California in 1995, she found herself spending lots of time traveling to Houston or Dallas, searching for the right furnishings for different projects. With a background in retail and custom furniture production, Dowell took it upon herself, along with a partner (who’s since gone on to other projects), to open up shop. Now, after six-and-a-half years of business, Wendow has easily established itself as the go-to spot for effortless pieces for the home.

Dowell is drawn to “classic lines, antique pieces, and the traditions of Texas, but with a bit of a twist,” she explains. “Earthy primitive elements, natural fibers, and clean details,” and most importantly: “No fussiness.” There’s no trends here—timelessness, quality construction, and pieces you can live with for a lifetime are what you’ll find at Wendow. And in our age of fast fashion and disposable goods, isn’t that just what we all need a little more of?

Wendow Fine Living - TRIBEZA

1512 W 35TH ST #100
(512) 284 9732