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Supply Showroom: A Laboratory of Design


A Laboratory of Design on Lake Austin Boulevard

Austin’s design landscape welcomed an eclectic addition in September 2015 with the opening of SUPPLY Showroom. Owners Callie Jenschke, Kim West and Kristin Gish started the boutique design business after moving to Austin and meeting through mutual friends. With their combined design experience, the former New Yorkers recognized an opportunity to create a space for small, lesser -known design vendors with a selection inspired by the diverse products available in New York City. Be it product expertise, vendor selection, or business acumen, Jenschke, West and Gish each bring a distinct aesthetic and individual polish to curate a trade showroom for both industry insiders and retail customers.

Supply Showroom
Inside SUPPLY’s sunny showroom, a Martin Huxford light fixture hangs overhead a Madeline Weinrib rug and an ottoman from The Foundation Shop

SUPPLY, which is located in a charming 1930s bungalow on Lake Austin Boulevard, is a welcoming destination for devotees of design. Inside the showroom are clean white walls contrasted by dark gray trim, wooden floors and a pale pink ceiling. Natural light floods in from the bungalow’s windows, filtering through racks of leather and onto shelves of stylish throw pillows. Throughout, a well-curated and diverse selection of textural fabrics and wallpapers hang like art.

Blending cultural influences is SUPPLY’s intention, as is creating an Austin home for small, unique vendors from around the world. “We have fabric from Italy, lighting from the UK, leather from Australia, furniture from LA and everywhere in between,” explains Gish.

Supply Showroom
Folded rugs are piled below an art piece by Cande titled Tiroteos y Liroios, 2015.

Similar to the diversity of products at SUPPLY is the range of projects that the trio takes on. Gish, Jenschke and West work with both commercial and residential customers on jobs large and small, from a restaurant or hotel design to an office or private home. “We like to think of SUPPLY as a laboratory of design,” says West.

From fabric to lighting, furniture to wallpaper, the SUPPLY Showroom is a unique artisanal experience.“Our main goal in opening is to showcase some of the amazing products in the design world and offer these unique and special finds to the Austin and Central Texas design community,” says Jenschke.

Supply Showroom

At SUPPLY, Jenschke, West and Gish are doing more than furnishing people with fabrics, furniture, wallpaper and pillows. Together, they are sharing with the city a haven for the handmade and far-flung worldly design.

2204 Lake Austin Boulevard.
Open M-F from 10-5.