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Our Favorite Memories from SXSW 2019

Tribeza x SXSW 2019

Cue the Exit Music, It’s A Wrap

Well y’all, SXSW 2019 has come and gone. As is our custom, your ever faithful Tribeza team looked, listened, sipped and sampled our way through another exhilarating but slightly exhausting 10 days of discovery. It’s a tough gig but, hey, it’s our job to keep on top of this stuff. Besides, where else can you experience the latest in music, film, digital arts and commerce, plus the food and fashion trends everyone will be talking about for the next nine months – without leaving your own city? Before we start planning for next year, here’s a few of our favorite memories from SXSW 2019.

September Broadhead, Art Director


Hands down, my favorite official event was the “Broad City” series finale screening. I got to meet and interview Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (crazy right?!) and see the final three episodes of a show that has been close to my heart since college. Being in the same room as the creators while watching such an iconic series come to an end, and hearing them speak about their time together filming the show was an experience I’ll never forget.

Broadhead on the red carpet with “Broad City” co-creators Jacobson and Glazer.

Attending the premiere of “Knock Down the House,” a documentary that follows the primary campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush and Paula Jean Swearengin: Four Democrats who ran for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. I had to leave early in order to make it to the “Broad City” screening (that SX life), but the 30+ minutes that I saw were extremely gripping.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who is featured in the new “Knock Down The House” documentary.


“Booksmart” Premiere After Party: Not only did I get to sing happy birthday to Olivia Wilde, but I got to dance on stage with her and Santigold during Santigold’s last song of her set. It was a pretty epic moment for me and I’m sure for Olivia as well since “Booksmart” is her directorial debut and it premiered on her 35th birthday!

“Booksmart” director Wilde (left) and actress Billie Lourd.
Santigold rocked the stage at the “Booksmart” after party.


Vying for space on the red carpet – those photographers are not messing around. Although all the elbowing was worth it when Glazer admitted, “I’m so excited to just fucking chill. We haven’t chilled in 10 years.”


Khalid’s show at the Uber Eats house. Holly (Tribeza’s digital media manager) and I waited in line but didn’t get in because they reached maximum capacity. Would have loved to see him perform live. Plus, I would’ve loved to see Ashley Graham speak at Bozoma Saint John’s keynote.

Uber Eats House headliner Khalid had lines wrapped around the block. Photo by Hutton Supancic/Getty Images for SXSW

Claire Shaper, Social Media & Events Manager


Keynote Speaker Brené Brown … tears were shed. I bought her book, “Rising Strong,” exiting the arena. She is real and raw and relatable.

Brené Brown at her SXSW keynote.


Revival Experience out at Camp Lucy. I got to see Shakey Graves, Glorietta and Nathaniel Rateliff record in a small private church. It was badASS.

Revival Experience was full of great music and chill vibes. Photo by Julia Keim.
Shakey Graves (left) and Glorietta performing in Camp Lucy’s Ian’s Chapel. Photos by Brittany NO FOMO.
Nathaniel Rateliff on stage as part of the inaugural Revival Experience.


Eating two Frito pies by myself while watching an acoustic set of Bishop Briggs at the Capital One House at Antone’s. The Frito pies were almost as good as her voice.

Duncan Fellows, featured in our March Music + Film issue, opened the Capitol One House with an energetic set.


I was sad I missed any wild event with a short line, free food and easy parking. (Wait, is that even a thing?!)

Holly Cowart, Digital Media Manager


The Uber Eats House brought such an incredible lineup! I loved getting a Hip Hop history run-down from music journalist Jeff Weiss while taco master Roy Choi of Kogi cooked up carne asada tacos. As if the smell wafting through the venue wasn’t tempting enough, the night ended with each person in the crowd getting a carne asada burrito. I was also lucky enough to catch Billie Eilish perform a couple of nights later. The intimate space combined with delicious snacks made for a really unique experience.

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue joined Choi.

Billie Eilish onstage at Uber Eats.


I caught up with the YETI Showcase on March 13 just in time for two incredible sets by Austin artists Jackie Venson and Tomar & the FCs. Venson’s soulful guitar riffs and Tomar Williams’ infectious energy (with the voice to match) made for a perfect evening of live music.

Venson and Williams (of Tomar and the FCs) performing at the YETI showcase.

Meeting local graffiti artist Mez Data was definitely a highlight. In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, he teamed up with DC Comics to create an impressive building-sized mural across Native Hostel. I had seen his work all over town, so it was cool to finally put a face to the masterpieces. Later in the evening, a bat signal was shined over Lady Bird Lake as Austin’s beloved bat colony made their daily descent from Congress Avenue Bridge. 

Comic lovers gathering for the “Batman” 80th birthday celebration.

As a lover of all things Food Network, I’m still excited I got to chat with Rachael Ray at the return of her Moxie Made pop-up shop on South Congress. It was also great to see a local artisan businesses like KAR-BN and Kristin Rudge have a light shined on her work as one of Moxie Market’s original partners.

Cowart with Ray and Kristin Rudge at Ray’s Moxie Market.


While leaving the Comedy Central Backyard Bash at Pelons Tex Mex, I spotted an Ipsy pop up with makeup and beauty stations across the street. I immediately dragged my boyfriend over, much to his reluctance. Props to him for patiently standing in line with me as we bounced from tent to tent gathering mascara and conditioner. What can I say, I’m a sucker for free samples!


Khalid! (September feels my pain.) Unfortunately optimism got the best of me and the lines won out.

I also wish I could have caught the Elizabeth Banks and Aidy Bryant panel. I admire both of these immensely talented and hilarious women and can only imagine what a fun and fascinating conversation they had. Plus, I’m pumped about Banks’ recently directed “Charlie’s Angels” reboot!

Margaret Williams, Editor-in-Chief


I’m with Claire … Brené Brown’s keynote set the tone for the whole week! Plus, I got to moderate a panel with Keith Kreeger, Paige Mycoskie and Alta Alexander. Such a highlight to hear these founders and business owners talk about how they use their retail spaces in innovative and community-building ways.

Williams moderating a style and retail panel with Kreeger, Alexander and Mycokskie.


KUT at the Four Seasons – always such a highlight. I love that all these fans get up at the crack of dawn to file into the Four Seasons ballroom. Even funnier to see the musicians walk in – they’re always caught a bit  off guard by the crowds! Patty Griffin and Steve Earl killed it.

Luck Reunion was a dream day. I have heard for the past few years how fun it is and turns out, everyone is right. Seeing Hayes Carll and Tim Showalter (of Strand of Oaks) in the intimate “Revival Tent,” was a dream come true.

Luck Reunion … now in it’s ninth year the festival has quickly become a favorite thanks to its intimate setting and Willie of course. Photo by Brooke Hamilton.
Courtney Marie Andrews and Nathaniel Rateliff inside the Luck Reunion chapel. Photograph by Rett Rogers.
Country icon Willie Nelson giving an unforgettable performance. Photo by James Joiner.
Photo by Brooke Hamilton


Checking out the new Goop MRKT on South Congress. Every girl in there, myself included, was freaking out over the samples (Vintner’s Daughter!).

Running with Claire to politely chase down a Japanese artist wearing a red monochromatic look. Have to get that street style shot.

Japanese artist Ken Hamazaki spotted downtown.


So many. Hillary Kerr recording her second life podcast with Liz Lambert, David Chang at the Uber Eats House, The River to the Wall’s final SXSW screening. I could go on …

Still from Ben Master’s “The River and the Wall,” which held screenings throughout Austin theaters this SXSW.
Uber Eats House was filled to the brim with exciting speakers and musical performances.