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Texas Capital Bank Offers a Positive Outlook on Financial Wellness

Counter Financial Anxiety with Modern Tools for Better Care

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Some people find peace in their pursuit of overall wellness by focusing and executing on what they can control while accounting for the factors they cannot. This practice is especially interesting when applied to financial wellness because it can be so tempting, yet stressful, to control every financial outcome. You may find some relief in focusing on areas of opportunity, as a method of improving your outlook. Despite its challenges, today’s economic climate has produced several opportunities for better financial self-care.

Here are some ways to leverage currently available tools in the market to your benefit:

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Spanning several months now, the Federal Reserve has been under incredible pressure to act against climbing inflation. The Fed, as you’ve likely heard it called, is an authority that decides a target interest rate that financial firms then interpret to inform rates on their offerings. This presents the modern consumer with a significant opportunity — a heightened focus on banking products designed to encourage saving with much higher-than-average interest rates. Be it a savings account or checking account, the current landscape is lush with competitive personal banking products promising high yields.

You Decide What’s Inevitable

If you worry about the risk of stock market movement and uncertainty, then Certificates of Deposits (CDs) may be of interest to you. Avoid stock market risk entirely by locking in a rate of return that accumulates on your balance over a decided length of time. A common misconception is that CDs tie up your funds for long periods without the ability to withdraw. Today, banks offer CDs with a range of terms — the shortest being 30 days.

Smiling woman using mobile phone while walking on bridge at railroad stationDon’t Underutilize Free Tools

Trusting your bank is key — Texas Capital Bank was awarded “the most trusted bank in America” by “Newsweek” in 2022. So, safe to say, they’re an expert when it comes to helping Texans succeed financially. And while Texas Capital Bank is regional, they are truly full service while most other regional banks are not.

If getting your finances in check for 2023 was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, Texas Capital Bank is ready to help you gain a positive outlook on financial wellness. Learn more at

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