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How Four Texas Trendsetters Became Social Media Stars

Get to know the faces behind these awe-inspiring Instagram accounts

Ashley Hargrove

The fashion blogger is a commercial wardrobe stylist who has styled and modeled for brands including Neiman Marcus, BMW, Bud Light and many more. She joined Instagram way back in 2010 as a personal style page, but nowadays she posts stylish photos of her outfits — often head-to-toe black — elaborate nail art, home and accessories, dogs Steven and Walter, behind the scenes of photo shoots and her travels.

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Jimmy Ho

Jimmy Ho knows ‘cue. The barbecue influencer dazzles his over 61K followers not only with his favorite meat meccas around the state, but he has also been showcasing his own smoking and searing skills on his Instagram account @thesmokingho since 2013. The avid runner recently completed an eight-day Carolina barbecue tour, further expanding his BBQ repertoire.

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Haley Plotkin

Haley Plotkin is excited to travel internationally again after a very long quarantine. She recently returned from Spain and the Maldives and has a trip to London on the docket, but during 2020 she had to pivot her website and Instagram to focus more on Texas destinations and showcase road trips that were accessible in the Lone Star State. She loves getting to discover new places all over the world — and share them with her followers.

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Jared Tennant

Jared Tennant’s successful side business designing and prototyping medical device accessories allows him to choose the projects he likes and only shoot the things he enjoys. Since starting his Instagram page for his photography in 2012, Tennant has snapped a wide array of subjects and places, such as monkeys in Spain, scuba diving in Mexico, Mayan ruins, Brazilian beaches and so much more.

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