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Tribeza Talk: Outdoors

Tribeza Talk May 2018

An insider’s guide to what’s buzzing around Austin

Have Wine, Will Travel

How do you properly toast to the perfect outdoor summer picnic? Maybe with a little chilled rosé. Thanks to YETI, you can keep it cool and classy with the new 10-ounce wine tumblers. More portable than traditional wine glasses, and far less breakable, the tumblers make for an easy way to enjoy drinks in the yard or poolside.

Nature’s Best

Spending time in the great outdoors can do a number on our skin. Luckily Austin-based Olive + M offers some epidermis relief with its set of three travel-size face and body oils. All-natural, vegan, and made in small batches, the olive-based oils help rehydrate skin. Show your face some love with the one-ounce Face Oil, a blend of seed oils that includes pumpkin, pomegranate, and red raspberry.

Making Strides

There’s something to be said for getting out and taking a good walk around your city. For The Contemporary Austin’s first walking tour on May 19, the museum teamed up with the Warfield Center Galleries to explore the Clarksville neighborhood. The tour highlights themes from the galleries’ current exhibitions, Rodney McMillian’s “Against a Civic Death,” at The Contemporary, and “Seen and Unseen,” curated by Stephanie Lang, at the Warfield. “In the way that the artist Rodney McMillian is interested in looking at systems of power and architecture as a symbol of power, when started telling me about this show, I thought, ‘This is really great. I’d love to get people looking at their own city and thinking about why it looks the way that it looks,’” says Andrea Mellard, director of public programs and community engagement at The Contemporary. Ultimately Mellard hopes folks will view both exhibitions and reflect on their neighborhoods. “There’s so much attention put on growth and development in Austin,” Mellard says, “so I think this is a way to connect with present issues by looking backward as well.”

Ready to Ride

Ever wonder what a Formula One driver sees when they round the track at Circuit of the Americas? Experience it yourself every Tuesday night until July 3, as the course opens for cyclists to give it a whirl. Bike rentals are available and all skill levels are welcome, with professionals gaining access to the track’s 20 turns.

High-Performance Pastries

“Going into college, both my brother and myself lost over 200 pounds together. We were both really health-conscious,” Amir Bahari explains. Along with his brother, Amin, and University of Texas football players Caleb Bluiett and Timothy Cole Jr., Amir brainstormed a way to build a better doughnut. “We actually lived next to a doughnut shop. living on a low budget, and then staying up late at night,” Amir says. Looking for healthier alternatives in their late-night food runs as UT students, the group came up with an idea for a low-sugar, gluten-free sweet with enough protein to rival a traditional protein bar.

In May 2017 they launched Elite Sweets, offering protein doughnuts in peanut butter, cinnamon-sugar, chocolate chip, and birthday cake flavors. And they have their sights set on other sweets too. “Cheesecake, you name it — we’re going to bring healthier alternatives to every sweet there pretty much is,” Amir says.

Pub Vibes

After starting the Oddwood Ales brand in 2014, brewer Taylor Ziebarth teamed up with his brother, Brett, to create a brewpub of their own. Looking to buck the warehouse drinking space trend, in March they opened the doors to a cozy Manor Road outpost. “We were always set on trying to have something that was a stand-alone building that had more of a pub vibe,” Brett says. The inside houses the bar and restaurant, focusing on pizza and stromboli, and outside, the 800-square-foot patio makes for a pet-friendly hangout spot.