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Tribeza Talk November 2016

An Insider's Guide to Austin's Hidden Gems

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Virtual Masterpiece

Originator Studios Tribeza

Imagine if you could actually walk into a painting and move lines and brush strokes with a wave of your arm. During the East Austin Studio Tour (East) you’ll have the opportunity to do just that during Originator Studios’ Tilt Brush 3D competition. On November 12 and 13, artists will strap on virtual reality headsets to create original 3D art, which EAST viewers can experience and try for themselves.

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Shakespeare Sideways

Rude Mechanics Tribeza

If art is about creation, it’s often also about re-creation. For 20 years the Rude Mechs have been producing live theater, utilizing audience responses to help shape their work. “You can’t edit live performance without having an audience present to know what works and what doesn’t,” explains founding member Kirk Lynn.

This November they bring us the Shakespeare play “Fixing Troilus & Cressida,” through the Rude Mechanics filter, naturally. They convert it into contemporary English, with modern curse words and gender parity, for a staged reading. “It’s almost like putting Shakespeare in a synthesizer,” Lynn says. The Rude Mechs will be losing their space at the Off Center next year, so they’re using the remaining time at the venue to bring back some favorite work, including “Tesla.” a piece that ends with shooting off a Tesla coil. “We figure while we have our own space and we’re our own masters we can do our most dangerous and insane work,” Lynn says. That’s why they have our hearts.

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Downward Blue Dog?

Blanton Museum Tribeza

Stretch your mind and your body with these art gallery yoga classes. Every third Thursday, Adriene Mishler leads a free yoga workout at the Blanton Museum. Take deep breaths outdoors at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden during their hatha yoga classes Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. And a variety of regular classes from vinyasa to candlelight flow will summon your creative spirit at Black Lagoon Gallery.
Some double mat moments await.

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Creativity Blooms

Hopefully Sow Tribeza

Ash Almonte knows a little bit about the power of creativity. The artist, represented by Lisa Russell, is also the executive director of Hopefully Sow, an organization providing creative opportunities and necessary resources to kids in foster care. Since 2014 Almonte has led the arts-focused initiatives. Kids may come in for a project with disinterest, but, she says, “by the last 30 minutes they’re so involved, their guards are down and they’re in a whole new mood, and a whole new demeanor, and they’re making something beautiful.”

Seven board members lead different programs, helping teens get driver’s licenses and giving them a place to go for holiday dinners. “It is just the most team-driven organization, I can’t even take a percentage of the credit because we work so hard together,” Almonte says, “I think it’s because we all know these kids and we’re passionate about helping them.”

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Fresh Squeezed Ounce of Art Song

One Ounce Opera Tribeza

Long before the three-minute pop song arose there was the classic art song — a short segment of poetry sung to piano accompaniment. (Imagine Brahms and Debussy as Bieber predecessors.) Bringing back the art song for two events, One Ounce Opera presents eight brand new pieces from emerging composers. On November 18 at Central Presbyterian Church, and November 19 at Butterfly Bar, listeners can take in the soaring vocals and unique creations, like haikus by Jack Kerouac set to original music.

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Good Libations

The Turk Wine

It’s the time of year to raise a glass and give thanks. All month long wine lists at Jack Allen Kitchen and The Grove outposts will include The Turk Wine, a Cabernet and Syrah blend created by winemaker Hope Family Wines to benefit Turk and Christy Pipkin’s Nobelity Project. The nonprofit funds projects to provide clean water and schools in Kenya, with 50% of The Turk’s sales going directly to the cause. Stock up before Thanksgiving with 1.5 liter magnum bottles at select HEB and Twin Liquor stores. Say grace and pay it forward.

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