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Guaranteed to Wrinkle


Guaranteed to Wrinkle

Building community is hard. It takes time, patience and consistency. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In Lindsey Sokol’s case, her efforts are working beautifully, as evidenced by the women’s community group Guaranteed to Wrinkle that she founded in 2018. It’s members have been living out their mission to “support local businesses, empower women and come together for events that matter.” On a recent rainy evening, a crew of such women happily crowded around Sokol’s dining table to debate politics, food and entrepreneurship. Never mind the table itself, which was replete with hand-thrown ceramics, vessels overflowing with local produce (radishes to vibe with chef Rachel Lomas’ pink meal) and many gesticulating hands. These women were there to challenge and support one another. Pull up a chair.

Videography by Sydney Gawlik
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