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In Austin, Coworking is More Than an Office: It’s a Partnership


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As the gig economy continues to boom locally and around the world, an increasing number of workers are leaving the corporate world in favor of creating new roles and professional lives for themselves. According to Intuit’s 2020 Research Series, 40% of Americans will work for themselves by the year 2020, either out of desire or necessity*.

wework austin coworkingThrough its continuing economic expansion, Austin has become a mecca for creative entrepreneurship, and coworking spaces are leading the charge in connecting freelance creatives, contract workers, and small business owners with the resources they need to thrive. Many locals have experienced the value of a positive, inviting work environment, as well as access to topnotch resources and staff to help get it all done.

For freelancing entrepreneurs and remote workers in Austin, coworking means much more than a list of amenities: it’s a community to thrive, grow a business, and make an impact on the world.

Notable Austinites Samantha Snabes, founder of large-scale 3D printer startup re:3D, and Robert Olivier, co-founder of waste industry disruptor GrubTubs, are two recent examples of the city’s winning creative abilities. Combined, they brought home over $1 million for their respective companies at WeWork’s Creator Awards, a global competition that spotlights and rewards businesses, performers, and non-profits who embody their company mantra, “Create Your Life’s Work”.

wework austin coworkingAs more join the ranks of postcorporate talent in the new workplace milieu, Austin has clearly embraced both creative entrepreneurship and the concept of ‘nontraditional’ work arrangements. Small and mid-size companies in Austin are growing alongside the coworking-as-a-service model continues to evolve. With each of its five Austin locations a direct reflection of their clients, WeWork is committed to addressing and anticipating the needs of each distinct area they serve.


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