May 24, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 11:59 pm


To celebrate the 50th year of the Paramount Theatre’s Summer Classic Film Series, Hyatt Centric Congress Avenue Austin – located next door to the theatre – will be offering three themed cocktail specials at their 8th floor Rooftop Bar to pay homage to one of the series’ Opening Week films, “Casablanca.”

The inventive cocktail lineup includes the French 75-inspired We’ll Always Have Paris, which is made with Pierre Ferrand Cognac in lieu of gin. Guests can also enjoy a refreshing Moroccan mint tea and vodka-based cocktail called The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, as well as the Rick-y made simply with bourbon, fresh squeezed lime, and sparkling water. All three cocktails will be available on Friday, May 24 at the Hyatt Centric Austin’s Rooftop Bar, where attendees can get spectacular views of the city before heading next door to Paramount’s Summer Classic Film Series. 

The Summer Classic Film Series kicks off on May 24 with a 35mm double feature of “Casablanca” and “Top Hat.” Tickets can be purchased online at https://www.austintheatre.org/events/film/, where you can also go to find the full schedule. 

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Hyatt Centric Congress Avenue Austin

721 Congress Ave.

Hyatt Centric Congress Avenue Austin 721 Congress Ave.