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Marc Maron’s illustrious career boasts five successful stand-up comedy specials. His latest, “FROM BLEAK TO DARK,” premiered on HBO on February 11, 2023, earning praise from both critics and fans. Maron’s repertoire also includes “END TIMES FUN” (2020) on Netflix, which garnered a 2021 Critics’ Choice Award nomination, as well as “MARC MARON: TOO REAL” (2017), “MORE LATER” (2015) on Epix, and “THINKY PAIN” (2013).

In the podcasting realm, Maron has left an indelible mark with his groundbreaking show “WTF with Marc Maron.” Since its launch in 2009, this interview-style podcast has amassed over 100 million annual listeners and has become a phenomenon in the podcasting sphere, boasting over 1400 episodes to date.

He also starred in the Netflix series “GLOW” and headlined the scripted series “MARON,” which aired for four seasons on IFC. Additionally, Maron impressed audiences with his performance in the critically acclaimed feature film “TO LESLIE,” alongside Andrea Riseborough and Allison Janney. His acting credits also include roles in “JOKER,” “RESPECT,” “SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL,” “SWORD OF TRUST,” and “STARDUST.”

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