April 06, 2024 | All Day


Step right up to the splashy spectacle of Gone Fishing at the Texas Eclipse Festival, where the denizens who live there are as engaging as the stories of the one that got away. In this lakeside immersive world, crafted by the mischievous minds at Meow Wolf and inspired by the nostalgia of Texas fishing holes, a cavalcade of performers is set to hook, line, and sink fellow eclipse revelers with performances, interactive moments, and unparalleled absurdity.

At Meow Wolf Presents: Gone Fishing at Texas Eclipse, guests can expect daytime dalliances with performances as light and refreshing as a lakeside breeze; twilight temptations with Neo-Burlesque shows after dark; an invitation to cast a line into the mystical waters and make a wish upon a fish; delightful dialogues with the local eccentrics, each with a tale taller than the last; and a mysterious rendezvous with the psychic catfish, a seer of the deep.

From April 5-8, under the vast Texas sky at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, TX, a gathering of souls will embark on an expedition to experience the solar eclipse among 300+ performers and speakers. Led by the intrepid Mitch Morales, Texas Eclipse is a festival where art, music, science, and celestial wonder intertwine, celebrating the total solar eclipse with a touch of magic only Texas can muster. Join us where the fish leap beyond the water, the zingers zing, the bobbers bob, and the stars align for a show like no other.

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Reveille Peak Ranch

105 Co Rd 114, Burnet, TX 78611

Reveille Peak Ranch 105 Co Rd 114, Burnet, TX 78611