December 24, 2023 | 4:00 pm


As is Cuban tradition, on Christmas Eve we will host a Noche Buena gathering. This will be different from our traditional table service dining experience. There will be only one seating for the evening, so there will be limited spots. Guests will have assigned tables, but are encouraged to mingle with each other throughout the evening.

Food for the evening will be some Cuban classics with some special dishes Chef Mashama has created. Expect oysters, salads, seasonal vegetables, and of course LECHON! We have a whole pig reserved for the evening and will be cooking it whole in our Caja China. There will of course be sweets! $90 will cover all your food for the evening.

Additional beverages will be available a la carte. Book through the link below!

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The Diner Bar

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The Diner Bar 506 San Jacinto Blvd