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Ana Louisa Longley’s Seasoned Advice on Shopping Vintage Clothing

A Look Behind

Ana Louisa Longley

All About Ana

Ana Louisa Longley’s seasoned advice on shopping for vintage clothing just scratches the surface of her fashion know-how.

Longley is director of creative services at Kendra Scott. And while her personal passion fills her free time — scouring thrift stores for treasures — Longley’s job is future-focused: “I love working closely with Kendra each new season to help bring her vision to life.”

An Austin native, Longley returned from college in New York in 2008. Obsessed with design, she taught herself to use Adobe Creative Suite, doing freelance work creating logos, styling photo shoots and blogging. She started at Kendra Scott in 2014 as a graphic designer. “There was still something of a startup culture,” she says. “Everyone did multiple things. As the brand grew, I got to use a lot of my other skills as well.” She now leads a creative team of 11.

Longley’s Instagram feed shows off her fashion sense as well as her family. She and husband Adam, are parents to Lyle, a charmingly chubby 6-month-old. “I’d like to think Lyle’s favorite thing about me is how I sing him lullabies. But it’s probably that I’m always wearing lots of necklaces he loves to play with.”