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Austin-based Fashion Designer Brittany Allen’s Colorful Collections

Learn about this local designer's journey from "Project Runway" to all-star status

Brittany Allen – by Weston Carls-02FAVE
Brittany Allen (photo by Weston Carls)

After turning heads during season 18 of “Project Runway’’ — and becoming the very first recipient of the (Christian) Siriano Save — Austin-based fashion designer Brittany Allen is once again making waves with her quirky, bold and colorful creations. This year, the ready-to-wear and athletic-wear designer not only returned to the reality TV runway on “Project Runway All-Stars,” but she also collaborated with Peloton on a bright and fun collection that quickly sold out.

Brittany Allen x Peloton Collaboration (photo courtesy of Peloton)

Figuring out her niche market

“It’s been a long road of trying to figure out who I am as a designer and finding my place in this industry, but in the last three years I definitely figured out what my niche market is, and it just opened up all these opportunities,” Allen says.

Allen’s follow-up on this year’s season of “Project Runway” was quite different this time around, with no room for error. She was competing alongside the show’s most-seasoned designers who had previously made it to their finales, making every challenge a true test of her skills.

“I was scared to death!” Allen laughs.

But Allen entered the competition with newfound confidence, and her strategy was to stay focused on her own work and not get distracted by what others were creating. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, and Allen used it as an opportunity to showcase her vibrant, quirky aesthetic. This time around, Allen also had the opportunity to present a full-fledged collection during the show’s finale. While she may not have won the competition, she was at peace with the results, having poured her heart and soul into her collection in just eight days.

(photo courtesy of Peloton)

Introducing color into her collection of activewear & ready-to-wear

“The collection was a story of progressing in the marriage of activewear and ready-to-wear, but also this concept of introducing color and marrying color into a print in a very high-fashion setting,” she explains. “It was a very pop art driven collection that was really my overall aesthetic.”

Allen’s philosophy can be best described as a fusion of quirky playfulness and vibrant color. She likes to push the boundaries and redefine the meaning of sophistication, steering clear of the conventional black and neutral color palette. Allen’s collaboration with Peloton this year is a clear example of this mentality. The partnership was a natural fit, as her designs resonated with both instructors and members of the Peloton community and Allen was an avid member for more than seven years.

“We came together and created something really iconic that both the members and the instructors could indulge in and find inspiring. It was just a really effortless collab,” Allen says.

Although the initial collection sold out quickly, there are more collaborations on the horizon; however, Allen remains tight-lipped about the details, leaving fans eager for more.

Brittany Allen (photo by Weston Carls)

What’s ahead for Allen?

As she looks to the future, the designer is excited about continuing to grow her brand. She plans to launch new collections that offer vibrant, print- heavy and quirky styles that people can enjoy year-round. Her goal is to create designs that inspire confidence and self-expression for people of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. Her love for vibrant colors, playful prints and a “slightly obnoxious” yet bound- ary-pushing aesthetic found a new home in the world of activewear during the pandemic, and she continues to steer that segment into a more fashionable aesthetic. She designs versatile pieces, making it easy for wearers to transition seamlessly from the gym to a night out.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Allen’s designs bring a refreshing and unapologetically quirky perspective. She challenges the status quo, dares to be different and encourages individuals to express themselves boldly through their clothing. With her colorful, exciting creations, Allen is undoubtedly making her mark in the world of fashion.

Keep an eye out for her exciting and unique designs, and get ready to express your inner confidence and style with her creations.