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Fresh Harvest: Songwriting Their Way To Success

Tribeza Talk: Harvest Thieves


Fresh Harvest

Songwriting Their Way to Success

by Nicole Beckley

“Some of my favorite songs I’ve written in 20 minutes,” musician Cory Reinisch says. Reinisch and his band Harvest Thieves crafted 12 tracks for their first full-length album, Rival. Though some songs took months to write, at least one came pretty easily. “One night I came home after work and just said, ‘I’m not going to bed, I’m not even going to work tomorrow until I have something written, a full, front to back song’,” Reinisch says. Less than half an hour later the result was “I Killed Laura Palmer,” a song that plays out in a dreamy reverberating waltz, with haunting backing vocals from keyboardist Annah Fisette. Moving to Austin for the music scene in 2007, Reinisch played with bandmate Dustin Meyer in the now-defunct Guns of Navarone before the two created Harvest Thieves in 2013. An official artist at this year’s SXSW, expect to catch the band’s brand of bourbon-soaked Americana at a variety of venues during the festival. For more information, visit

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